5 Inspiring Ideas for Listening While You Work

crafterhours 5 ideas for listening while you work

What’s in the background while you’re sewing or crafting? When I have a lot of work on my table that isn’t of the high concentration sort I like to listen.┬áSometimes to blissful silence, sometimes to music, sometimes to shows or movies that don’t require a whole lot of attention – and more often lately I’m┬álistening… 

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Oh my gosh, you guys

Did you read Friday’s post from Oops I Craft My Pants yet?  I know, I know, she just posted it.  But I couldn’t help but repost it immediately.  It’s just the coolest thing.  It’s a functionality in Google Reader that allows you to read each new post on your blog list on their actual blog.  And… 

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No, it’s not Feature Friday. It’s Wednesday. We here at the empire that is Crafterhours haven’t assigned a role to Wednesday, other than… Wednesday. Often my Wednesdays are days for me to zone out and wonder how I’m going to muster the energy to make it to Friday. And often when I zone out I’m… 

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