Bracelet Strap Tutorial

So there’s this contest… and I’ve entered. Kollabora is a new craft tutorial site and store where anyone can create a step-by-step tutorial. Having just completed my first project, I can say that there’s a bit of a learning curve, but I’m happy with the results. If you’re interested in creating and sharing tutorials without […]

Wild Jewelry

I’m posting over at Crafts Unleashed today to share what I’m calling “gilded animal bracelets”. K’s birthday party theme flip-flopping left me with a bag of zoo animal beads that I just couldn’t let go unused. To make them more my style, I added a little gold. Grows them up a bit. Okay, maybe only […]

Bangles that Don’t Jangle

I love looking at, trying on and buying jewelry. I don’t love wearing it. If it’s scratchy or heavy or noisy  I’ll only wear it for really fancy gatherings, and there aren’t that many of those in my life. Something that fits a little better with my lifestyle — little kids, casual clothes, on-the-go — […]

Newly Obsessed with Jewelry-Making

I haven’t been this interested in jewelry since I first discovered Claire’s in… 4th grade? I’ve had a few short-lived flings with jewelry-making but none have lasted all that long, for much the same reason that I wasn’t all that interested in sewing until a few years ago– I couldn’t find supplies I was excited […]

Strange Little Girl on crafterhours: A Tutorial

When Susan asked me to write a necklace tutorial, I was a little befuddled.  My first thought was “what can I try to teach someone that requires following directions more than luck to make it turn out well?”  Really, most of what I do is the result of happy accidents because I create for fun […]