Liberty Wall Display

I have been up to my ears (and occasionally over my head) in pattern design this week.  Things are looking good for a pattern release on Monday though, so I’m cautiously excited about that.  I needed a mid-week break from staring at digital lines though, so I thought something quick and easy was in order. […]

No Sew Tee to Tank

Last year we worked with Jen from Upcycled Education to post about the original tee to tank. The project is the perfect storm for crafting – it’s quick, uses materials most of us have on-hand, and it’s simple to get great results. We’ve gotten a lot of comments and questions, I thought I’d cover some of […]

PB Knock Off: Guest Post with Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy!

When our dear friend Stacey heard about Susan’s woeful bout of Ebola virus, she very graciously offered to swoop in and save the day with a PB Knock Off of her own.  We owe you big time Stacey!  Make sure you go over to Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy! to say hi to Stacey and […]

PB Knock Off: Glitzy Ornaments

This knock off is based on an ornament I saw in a Pottery Barn store, but I can’t find it in the catalog or online, so you’ll have to take my word for it.  It was basically a wooden disk with an initial printed in the center, glitter around the edge of the disk, and […]

Crafty Goodies in the Mail

I got the coolest package yesterday from my friend Marta.  Remember when she guest posted here and showed us how she made this uber cool sign for her son’s room? Well, now I have some for my very own.  Well, for my kids.  But I own them and everything they own, so technically they’re mine.  Right? Times […]

Plaid Product Review and Easiest Shirt Ever Tutorial

Amy of Mod Podge Rocks recently teamed with Plaid and asked if I’d like to review a product of my choice.  Before her email even made it all the way through cyberspace to my inbox, I was jumping up and down and squealing YES YES YES!!! Plaid has a ton of cool new products, so […]