Card Stock + Mod Podge = Ornament

All of these ornaments were made with multiple layers of cardstock mod podged together.  See Susan’s tutorial for more information.  I cut these with my silhouette, but you could cut simple shapes by hand, or use a decorative paper punch.  I really love how the multiple layers of card stock make these ornaments look and […]

Mini Canvases

These are things that can kill you with cuteness. Little teeny tiny canvases. The size of a post-it note. While they are so very very cute, they’re also so very very tiny to actually make anything on them. So my solution to make use of the cuteness is to print art and photos and mod […]

PB Knock Off: Glitzy Ornaments

This knock off is based on an ornament I saw in a Pottery Barn store, but I can’t find it in the catalog or online, so you’ll have to take my word for it.  It was basically a wooden disk with an initial printed in the center, glitter around the edge of the disk, and […]

I made paper snowflakes!

Just to prove I wasn’t exaggerating when I mentioned in this post that I would brag about paper snowflakes, here you go: Look what I made! I’m even more excited about these than I should be because prior to these, my snowflakes always resembled misshapen, asymetrical blobs with miniscule slits cut out. If you saw […]

Stitched Photo Ornaments: A Tutorial

Can I call this a tutorial-ette? Because it’s too easy to be a tutorial. That seems like too big a claim. And I won’t claim ownership. I haven’t seen it, but I’m sure it’s been done. It’s all been done, right? But I thought I’d share what I just made because I love it. And […]