Spoonflower Design Swap with Delia!

crafterhours spoonflower design swap

Last year Stacey invited some blogging friends to challenge themselves to design fabric for a swap partner and then sew with the Spoonflower fabric the partner had designed for them. Delia and I were paired up, and whaaaat a challenge it turned out to be. I had a baby, we both moved and the timeline… 

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I Spy a Wrap on Swap 3!

Something I’m thankful for this week: Spoonflower I Spy Swap 3 is finished! All of the participants should have their fabric in-hand now. Or under-presser-foot. Whichever. There are a handful of picks in this swap that’ve been chosen in previous swaps. The cameras, kites and alligators, for example. I love the variety of color and… 

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I Spy: Outgoing Mail

Throughout the last round of I Spy at Obsessively Stitching, I watched with vague interest. I wasn’t in it, and wasn’t thinking all that hard about it. But for whatever reason when round two was announced, all of a sudden it was the best-and-most-amazing-idea in the whole wide world and I got all panicky about… 

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