Calling All Kids! Military Inspired Tee

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Are you following the “Calling All Kids” series at Alida Makes? Alida has four kids full of personality – who don’t necessarily go for the chain store fare. The series highlights clothes that showcase that personality and aren’t necessarily gender specific. While my four-year old will *literally* jump up and down and clap her hands […]

Sunshine and Rainbows Dolman Tee for KCW

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If your life is a little cloudy or chilly these days, I have a brief bit of sunshine to share at the end of what was, for us, a snowy and cold week with threeeeee snow days. I’m not sure the thrill of hearing “school cancelled” will ever completely disappear. I’m not even the one […]

Spring Top Sewalong

It’s been awhile since I’ve contributed to Spring Top Week over at Made By Rae.  I’ve been a judge for the last two years, but that’s no excuse for not making anything!  It was beyond time to get back to some selfish sewing. I downloaded and printed the Scoop Top pattern from Kristin at Skirt […]

KCW: My Meager Contribution

 I feel like a turd for not doing much for KCW this time around.  My excuses are plentiful and varied and I’ll highlight them here so you can choose your favorite combo: – got sick- didn’t plan ahead due to visitors and fantastic beach vacation- in the final stage to finally finalize my next pattern. […]

A Very FPS Christmas

Living overseas, it’s important to get started on your Christmas cards pretty early.  I wish I could say that I’ve learned this, but it’s a completely intellectual knowledge that doesn’t seem to affect real life at all.  This is the 5th Christmas that I’ve waited until the end of November and then flipped out. As […]

No Sew Tee to Tank

Last year we worked with Jen from Upcycled Education to post about the original tee to tank. The project is the perfect storm for crafting – it’s quick, uses materials most of us have on-hand, and it’s simple to get great results. We’ve gotten a lot of comments and questions, I thought I’d cover some of […]