Back on Board

I just had a lovely 15 day visit from my parents, during which my mom singlehandedly cared for my girls, entertained them, fed them, and kept the house clean. What did I do during that time?  Well, mostly this: No, I’m not the one playing with the toddler in the pool, I’m the one a […]

More Skirt Week Info

Oh dear, what were we thinking?!  There’s only a handful of skirts posted in the flickr accounts, but we would already have a hard time picking a favorite.  I guess the good news is that all of us will have a ton of gorgeous skirt inspiration when this is over! If you’ll kindly move your […]

Announcing Skirt Week with Crafterhours!

To make a long story short, we haven’t had enough selfish sewing yet. Rae got us in the mood to do more, and now we need some skirts to go with our spring tops. Hey, you too? Well, here’s what we’ve got in mind:  Skirt Week 2010!  June 21 – 25. You make a skirt […]

Another Spring Top!

Oh, spring tops.  Like M&Ms, potato chips, Mint Milano cookies, ok, really any junk food, I can’t have just one!  Or two, as the case may be. So, though the “week” is over, spring top fever continues.  Here is my latest.  I saw these pretty cascading petals on this shirt, but decided I needed to […]

The Guests Who (We Wish) Would Never Leave

Things have been a little quieter in our bloggyworld this week. But we’re alive and well. Adrianna has her parents visiting. So while they’ve been doing some family vacationing and the grandparents are soaking up all the grandkid action they can, Adrianna has been sewing for a potential eventual actual factual store.  (Adrianna would like […]

Kids’ Cutlery Tray: A Tutorial

When Anna suggested spicing up our kitchens, this project immediately came to mind. Inspired by this, I had made one for myself a while back and hadn’t gotten around to blogging about it. After months of use, I can say it’s a hit at our house. The jumble of spoons, forks and knives gave me […]