Casual Fridays, Princess-Style

My girls were invited to a Princess birthday party and were encouraged to wear their royal attire.  I knew the party was going to be outdoors, near a playground, and it was likely to be 95 degrees.  So instead of putting them in those stretch velvet polyester numbers, which get torn off within 5 minutes in our air conditioned house, or in one of my handmade dress-ups, that would likely get destroyed, I decided to compromise.

So instead I created some playwear for Princesses!  This is what Snow White and Cinderella wear on their days off, right?

I wanted to hold off on this post until I got better pictures, but I decided these action shots actually better illustrated my reasoning on the whole anti-dress thing.  (plus I didn’t feel like it)

My girls loved them and kept them on the whole time, and bonus – now they have dress-ups they can wear outside the house too.

I don’t have a tutorial for these, they’re really just t-shirts with some added details.  All it took was some knit yardage from the stash, some cut-up shirts from my refashion pile, some ric-rac, and a little bit of math.  I think some of the other princesses would be really fun too, but these were the colors I had on hand.

(The yellow shorts were just a happy coincidence.  You can read about them here.)

And I can’t mention this birthday party and not show you a picture of the cake.  My friend (the birthday girl’s mom) made it!  I dread planning and executing birthday parties, so the fact that she is not only uhhhmazing at it, but also loves putting together every detail never fails to blow my mind.  It makes me glad that people are so talented at such different things.

Have a great weekend!



  1. These outfits are just brilliant!!

  2. I’d like Snow White in adult size, please. So. Very. Cute. and Smart.
    P.S.- Are you squirming over my horrid punctuation?

  3. So, cute and clever. It looks like your girls had a great time.

  4. Cool cake and shirts. I might have to do separates for Cinderella. :) My daughter has successfully stained her Snow White dress after wearing it multiple times a week for the last six months. :) I’m going to have to make another.

  5. love it, what a great idea!! i made my daughter a snow white costume for halloween with shirt & separate skirt (for the carseat!). the shirt looks almost just like that (no ric-rac) & skirt has an organza overlay & is very “fluffy” so she can’t really wear it for play! she may need some yellow pants now!! ;)

  6. What a great idea and so perfect for the occasion!

  7. i love the t-shirts, what a great idea! the cake is pretty amazing too.

  8. This is such an awesome idea. I don’t have any daughters but I have some nieces that would love this!


    Literally Inspired

  9. Those are so cute! Definitely what princesses wear on their days off. =)

  10. What a great idea! I’ll have to keep this in mind if one of my girls is ever invited to a princess party. Thanks!

  11. very clever and very cute!

  12. omigosh what a fantastic idea! princess casual. perf.

  13. What a great idea! I love the outfits!!! Now, that’s smart thinkin’!

  14. What a brilliant idea!! I love these!

  15. What a great idea!

  16. These are so cute!!!

  17. So clever, so cute!

  18. Where were you when I was growing up! I would have loved those! I still would… let me know when you do adult sizes!

  19. these are super cute!!

  20. These are the greatest idea ever! I am now absolutely stuck on making one for my neice who always gets Disney Princess themed gifts off me (can’t half tell they’re my favourite, can you?) ;)

  21. That is such an awesome idea! The girls look really happy in them too :)

  22. Tutorial?? You should sell these on etsy!

    • You could make a LOT of parents and kids very happy (not to mention a hefty profit) by selling these on Etsy… do the whole princess line, and some other characters too, for boys and girls! My daughter would live in costumes if she was allowed. DAILY I have to tell my daughter that she can’t wear a costume to school or the playground, and we didn’t have her dress up to go to Disney because she would have gotten too hot and uncomfortable. She would be ecstatic about being able to have these shirts. But like many of my generation, I can’t sew to save my life (I did try to learn and failed miserably).

  23. Love these thank you!

  24. These are fantastic – I found your post through pinterest and will defo be pinching your idea for inspiration for my little ones! What a lovely idea!
    Emma x

  25. Such cute ideas! I love it. My daughter is way too busy and active to always wear a dress with accessories, so this looks so fun!:>

  26. Love this idea! Sooo cute.

  27. You should open an etsy store to sell these. Brilliant idea.

  28. Tutorial Pppllleeeeaaassseeee! :)

  29. Love this!!! What sort of embellishments would you add to a pink shirt for Princess Aurora?

  30. Just saw these on pinterest. I can’t sew at all so would Totally buy on ETSY.

  31. Anonymous says:

    would you be interested in making another snow white shirt for my daughter who’s 4? We are going to WDW in February and this would be perfect to wear at Magic Kingdom. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks

  32. Totally going to try doing this for myself! (I just need to work out how I can translate ‘playwear’ into ‘gymwear’!

  33. Might even make one for ME for my next trip to Disney World!

  34. Love these!! Found you via Pinterest. And I immediately started following your pin board…I was looking through your posts and am now your newest gfc follower. You have amazing ideas! I have two lil girls and I am excited to make some of your projects and follow along in the fun! Merry Christmas :)

  35. Wonderful! Definitely doing this for my daughter when we do our Disney trip (she’s just a baby now, but will be 2 and 1/2 when we go) I keep picturing that Cinderella shirt with light blue leggings, and imagining Belle and Rapunzel :-)

  36. This is a great idea, I am pinning it so I can make some for my daughter she is not at all a little princess she hates wearing those costumes this would be ideal for her. (This year for Halloween she was a pirate! a girl pirate)

  37. I was so excited to stumble across a picture of your Snow White top on Pinterest. We will be going to Disneyland in a few months for my daughter’s Wish Trip. She’s not a girly girl but has seen the pictures on the Disneyland site where all the little girls are decked out in the princess dresses and has decided that it was everyone must wear. I’m refusing to buy a dress she’ll never wear again and won’t be practical for days at the park. I was even more excited to read that you didn’t sew a whole shirt but just spruced up existing ones.

  38. Any chance you’d do a tutorial on these? I’m a boys mom, with quite a few nieces and cousins. I’d love to make these for them, but too chicken to try without some guidance in the princess department :)

  39. Thank you so much for the inspiration! I just made one for my daughter & she loves it!! xxxCate

  40. Thank you so much for sharing this! I just made one for my daughter & she loves it!!

  41. I saw you post on All Things With Purpose Link Party. What cute play clothes. Pinning!

  42. This is a wonderful idea!

  43. OMG, Disney should pay you for these ideas! Such a fantastic idea. Those princess dresses are super hot and made out of non-breathable material. You are a genius.

  44. How did you do the sleeves? Oh I just love this idea!

  45. Heck I’m 25 and I’m going to do this next time I head down to Disney World. Love it.

  46. Super Brilliant! We are headed to Disneyland in a couple of weeks for my daughter’s birthday. She’s been wanting a Merida outfit that she can wear for real. Great idea!! Time for me to put my thinking cap on and get out my sewing machine! Thanks!!

  47. Thank you so much for the inspiration. This is exactly what we needed for our Disney World trip in the heat of July. After a trip to Goodwill and hitting up my crafting supplies we now have Pocahontas, Snow White and Rapunzel. Thanks again!

    • Hi can anyone send pics of other princess outfits that you´ve made and does anyone want to sell them? i can´t sew.

  48. Um…you are a genius!! I’m pinning this NOW to share with friends – you should totally contact WDW and other places to market this! I’m sure they would sell like hotcakes! Congrats on a super idea!

  49. These are so cute. I love that they refashion existing shirts. My daughter has recently decided she is a princess! ha ha. (but doesn’t every little girl do that at some point?) These would be cute for her to wear out and about. I am thinking maybe a set for Christmas :)

  50. What pattern do you use? I’ve am new to a sewing machine and would love to surprise my princess with a shirt :)

    • I traced shirts they already had that fit well. An easy way to do this is to lay a shirt on cardboard and stick pins through the seam lines. Then connect the holes on your cardboard, add seam allowances, and use that as your pattern.

  51. Christelle says:

    Such a great idea ! Thanks a lot for the inspiration. I would like to do one for my little princess but I do not know how to do the puffy sleeves. Could you please help ? Thanks a lot.

  52. I found this on Pinterest and I am slightly disappointed it didn’t link to an etsy page! I would have snatched up these in a heartbeat and I’m still pregnant with my baby girl! You could even spruce up some t-shirts for boys too with the princes, robin hood, Peter Pan, Tarzan, etc. my 3 year old little boy would love shirts like this, especially while in Disney! I just can’t sew! Such a good idea! I’m thinking you need to go on Shark Tank with these! WDW here you come!

  53. Hi! I own a children’s store in Kentucky and LOVE the princess outfits. Do you sell them or the patterns? I would be very interested! If so, please contact me. I would also love to see more of your your designs! Much thanks

  54. Love the snow white outfit! I am planning on making something similar for our trip to disney this year. Can I ask how you did the sleeves? I love the look, but none of my patters have anything similar…

  55. Brittany says:

    You should sell these on Etsy!!!

  56. Awesome! I’m going to make a Snow White top right away!


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