All About Us

Crafterhours. No, it’s not crafter hours. It’s crafting afterhours. When kids will hopefully be sleeping. And sleeping means they can’t be running by and grabbing all of the sharp or superheated things that are involved in crafting. Or asking 54,343 questions a minute.

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Crafterhours is Adrianna and Susan. We met when we were both living overseas, and now Adrianna lives across a different sea and Susan is on the East Coast of the US. We each have daughters aged 7 and younger. Both bloggers are addicted to coffee.

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We blog for fun. For sanity. To show off things that we do. To rant about things we don’t do. We try to limit our crafty blogging to the real world– things we do for or with our kids, for ourselves, or for gifts. We try to take pretty pictures, but they don’t all end up pretty. We try to keep the stories real and funny, where possible, because really, life is just funny. If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry. Which is good too, occasionally. Blogging can be overwhelming sometimes, so when that happens, we take a break. Nothing posted for a while? We’re just busy with the real stuff.

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Adrianna was the fire starter for this blog. If she hadn’t gotten it all going, there’d be no crafterhours. She forced gently talked Susan into it, and Susan is pretty happy she did. She’s a garment girl, and is working on patterns and all sorts of garment construction that give Susan a headache. She’s been a blog reader for a while and was finally ready to venture out as a blog writer, too. She likes to think of herself as frugal (though she’s not afraid of a major shopping spree either), so mostly she takes ideas from things she sees in expensive stores and copies them.  Though, by the time they’re finished, they’re far from the original.  She likes to see things take on a life of their own under her presser foot.  She also likes to quilt, but only if the fabric is really, really deserving of being shown off.

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Susan is full of totally random ideas. She’s always got her mind on some new project and/or technique and her hands on another. If you dig around in her crafting area, you’ll likely find all sorts of little treasures, like bits of free-motion stitching on a square of fabric, homemade screenprints, or an applique on clear vinyl.  She does what comes to her at the time, and while Adrianna’s question is always “but what are you going to do with it?”, Susan just shrugs and says she just wanted to see if it would work.

To sum up our crafting personalities:

Adrianna is into construction, Susan is into embellishment.

Both girls dream of being guests of Oprah AND Martha, but the main impetus behind starting a blog was so we could be one of the “cool kids”.  We just love crafty blogland.  We think it is cram-packed full of funny, sweet, talented, inspiring, and encouraging people.  We love that it is a community that supports one another, whether you’re making your first craft ever or you have your own clothing line.  We love that strangers can get together to have a big worldwide conversation about a shared interest.

Want more ridiculous photos? Look here. Questions? Ask ’em!

Ok, had enough mushy stuff?  Go make something!