Fail turned Pajamas!

Until this shirt, I was an utter failure at making shirts.  Up until that point they all, without exception, ended up looking like pajamas.  This shirt is probably the best example of that:
Ugh.  Now that I’m seeing it on the screen, it looks like pajamas AND scrubs.  I called it a “fail” and threw it in my refashion pile.
But I couldn’t totally forget about this shirt because it was one of my best sewing efforts to date.  I had drafted the pattern using Cal Patch’s Design-It-Yourself Clothes, and I loved the fit:  fitted, but not too tight, a nice long length, and it slipped over my head without the need for buttons or zippers, yet didn’t have a too-wide neckline.  Plus, the stitching on the bias tape was just soooo nice and neat.  I really loved watching my skills improve with this project.
So, after pulling it out to cry over for about the 36th time, I finally thought, “Hey, why not just make it into pajamas?”  Der.  Sometimes the most obvious answer is the last one I’ll think of.
So, I made little coordinating bottoms using the free Collette Madeleine Mini Bloomers pattern.  If you look closely, you’ll see that  I actually sewed them inside-out.  The right side of this fabric was too dark and had metallic thread that I thought was tacky, so I just used the toned-down, softer wrong side.  
Now I don’t have to watch that shirt languish it’s life away in my refashion pile, and I have cute new summer pjs too!  And sorry, but no, I will not be modeling them for you.  The internet just doesn’t need a visual of my thighs encased in elastic.

Just as a sidenote, after I made that Spring Top Week top, I went on to make 4 more shirts, all of which I love and are in heavy rotation in my wardrobe.  The one thing they have in common?  They’re all knit!  Maybe that’s the secret to making non-pajama-looking tops.
And while I’m willing to show you guys my “fail” shirt, you couldn’t pay me to show you my “epic fail” shirt.  Or, as I named it, “Old Cuban Man’s Pajamas.”  


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    I love that you had the patience to make a “fail” into a save. I always gety so darn stubborn about my FAIL projects that I refuse to aknowledge them. And I’m sure the bloomers look adorable on your chicken legs.

    P.S. I love the new button and thanks for the “We Love” shout-out!

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    What happens when you have Pajama Fail? Because that’s what I’m experiencing right now…soft and comfy, VERY unflattering….

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    Adorable as pjs…but I wouldn’t call your design a fail yet. I think it’s the fabric choice that makes it look like pjs, not the design. I’d try it again, now that you’ve got the design worked out, and choose the most non-pj fabric you can find.

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    Ummm…. Bethany? I don’t call that a fail. I call those pajamas for wearing when you feel like wearing something soft and comfy. And you want hubs to leave you alone. :) Susan

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