On Spoonflower: Guest Posting at Emmaline Bags

Janelle of Emmaline Bags (a crafterhours sponsor! yay!) asked me to write a bit about my Spoonflower experience, and I said “yes” immediately. It’s a thrill to create your own fabric and I think more folks should try it. Here I’m sharing a bit about using Spoonflower as a shopper, and jump on over to her […]

Crafterhours Reunion: Take Two

Since Adrianna is in the states all summer, and only 2 hours away, Susan decided to take advantage of free grandma babysitting and head down for a visit last week. It was a quick trip, but we still managed to have some fun.  Here’s what we did, instagram syle. First we walked around downtown in […]

NYC Garment District Shopping: Round 2

Last year I made a trip to NYC with husband and kids with no intention of making fabric shopping a priority, and thus, had done no advance research. When I realized that I’d fallen into the garment district’s lap, I did some quick googling from my phone and visited three shops – Mood, B & J and […]

Colorblock Skirts

Not a lot to say about these skirts, except they’re swingy and colorblock-y and summery and cute! They’re good for backyard dancing and chalkboarding alike.  They’re just simple elastic-backed, flat-front skirts with a folded panel added at the bottom.  Bonus – no hemming!  The real reason I made these skirts though was to have a […]

Nicole’s Classes: All About ‘Em + GIVEAWAY! [Giveaway CLOSED]

This past January I was one of the many folks who schlepped out to Salt Lake City for the Altitude Design Summit. I wrote here, here, here and here about the conference. When I set foot in my house again I was an overstretched water balloon of information and ideas and it took a while […]

Favorite Tee Pattern + Union Jack

I have a hard time getting excited about patterns. I get annoyed by lengthy instructions and putting all of the pieces together. If the world worked they way I wanted it to, Adrianna would make me all sorts of blank things and I’d embellish them. But Amanda has a Dolman tee pattern that I looooove. […]