Because You Can Never Have Too Many

As is typical, I went to a big box craft store this week for ONE THING. As is also typical, I was distracted by browsing and spent way longer than I meant to and had to cross the entire store to go to the restroom. (Do you talk to yourself in parent voice when you’re shopping? I ask myself why I didn’t go before I left. And then I kindly remind myself that I DID go before I left and that my 6 year-old’s bladder has far more tenacity than mine.) On the way back to the cart I’d abandoned (because I needed a cart to buy ONE THING?) I passed these. Theeeese. 
There’s an inner tray that slides out to keep the gorgeousness together.

I’ve previously exposed my obsession with art supplies. We still love these crayons and these pencils for kids and these pencils for fancy kids or serious artists. But these Lyra pencils looked so fun.

As far as design, I love the look, but it has a practical purpose. They’re slightly triangular so that they don’t roll, and the spots are drilled through the paint and into the wood to help with grip.

As far as cost, they’re significantly less expensive than Prismacolors, and the color is smoother and brighter than your average kiddie colored pencil.

These even come with a place to write your name, if you’ve captured a tiny fairy as your slave who’s capable of writing so small.

I’m grudgingly letting the girls try them. If you don’t have them nearby, you can find them here.


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    As soon as I saw the. Owner of the box I knew they were German. I don’t know what they do to the colored pencils over here, but they are awesome. I can’t resist them either! I have to force myself not to buy more! Haha!

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