Mini Canvases

These are things that can kill you with cuteness. Little teeny tiny canvases. The size of a post-it note.

While they are so very very cute, they’re also so very very tiny to actually make anything on them. So my solution to make use of the cuteness is to print art and photos and mod podge ’em on. By the way, Mod Podge: both a noun and a verb.

Whether you sit ’em down to decorate or add a loop and hang them on a tree, I think they’re eat-’em-up-able. My 6-year-old had no trouble deciding what to do with hers.

Here I chose a fave photo of K from this past year. She’s posing with a shield she made at summer camp. She chose “fierce” as her descriptor, and it’s so appropriate for her.

In addition to the little tiny cutie canvases there are little tiny cutie easels!

Read how I made these (and how you can make your own) over at Crafts Unleashed.


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