Warning: Super Creepy Halloween Decor

The idea started simply enough. My six-year-old is fully into Halloween. I’ve wanted to do creepy and fun silhouettes in our front windows and this is finally the year that I had time to do it. Why not make the creepy silhouette of my own kid as a zombie?

During the day it’s creepy from the inside. It might be creepiest for ME of all people, because it’s almost the exact size and shape of my child. So even though I know it’s there and I’m the one that put it there, I still catch it in the corner of my eye and do a double-take. I’m calling it passive exercise with all of the heart palpitations.

I don’t see it at night, thankfully. It’s only visible from the outside when it’s dark. That’s when it could really get to me– because a) she should be in bed and b) she’s a ZOMBIE!

Now that the first kid is finished and I have something to point to for the 3-year-old to understand why I’d like her stand like a zombie, it’s time to do the other one. So that I can be doubly creeped out. Want to see how I made it? See it over at Crafts Unleashed.

So, what do you think– too creepy to use your own offspring’s silhouette?


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    Hmm, the problem is I know how cute she is so I’m not finding the zombie version that frightening. Then again, maybe that makes it more frightening since I’d be duped by that adorable face. Love her zombie face on the Crafts Unleashed photos.

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    OMG That’s so creepy! :) My daughter wakes up at night and freaks me out sometimes when I’m sewing. She’s a creeper. :) She’s 4 and wants to be a zombie for Halloween!

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    I did this last night! Thank you so much for the idea! It really is creepy and my son was so excited to get his silhouette outlined for it. I added spiky hair and ghostly looking arms (as though torn cloth was hanging from his sleeves). I guess I knind of forgot about it overnight because it made me jump this morning when I saw it.

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    I just bought this on amazon and if came in the mail yesterday! I’m having a hard time seeing it on the black paper when I project it (I have only have black poster board to use). is there a trick? Do I need to put in a different light bulb? I used the one that came with it. Do I need to make the room completely dark? Any tips?? Thank you for inspiring me! I LOVE this idea!


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