And Now There’s Organization for Everyone

When I made drawer stickers to help organize my girls and their clothes about two years ago, I had no idea that I’d later make them a product. When I made them available for sale, I had no idea who’d buy them.  I pictured moms like me who were a bit frayed by prompting kids to help clean up their own messes, or who wanted to help their helpers know where to find PJs. As far as the big picture, I saw it as a little adventure, and as with any adventure, no telling where the trip would take me.

Soon after I started selling them I started getting feedback. Surprising and wonderful feedback. Plenty from parents of children like mine, who like to help but need some direction, or who like to throw every. last. thing. on the floor in a pile just for fun and then struggle to remember where it all goes. Also from moms who only half-jokingly said their husband could use a set. From moms who wanted a few extra items added for older girls, like a bra and a hairbrush. And from moms who depend on a lot of help from other caregivers and wanted to make their job easier. Shockingly, no feedback from Dads. I’d happily share it if I had any!

The feedback that I sort of expected was entirely uplifting to receive, but I also heard from folks I’d failed to imagine– from parents of children on the autism spectrum who told me these stickers helped make the routine a little easier. From the director of a camp for children with special needs who thought these would help keep her campers organized. And from daughters and sons of older parents who are attempting to live independently for as long as possible, or who are now in assisted living, and could use some help to remember where to find things. One thoughtful buyer recently shared this:

I had read about the importance of labels/helping a person with alzheimers to remain independent just a little bit longer (in a book by the NIH), and I though it was a great idea.  At that point, I went searching online and came up with nil.  For the first year, I made labels by hand and printed the names of articles of clothing on them; they made such a difference to my mom.  She was always able to find what she wanted without needing to ask for help.  Now my mom is at a point where she can’t read, and I ultimately found your stickers on a parenting website when I was seeking “drawer labels for girls.”  I have to believe that our story is increasingly common — if you can get the word out there, I think that there will be a lot of grateful people.

So after gathering input from all of these kind folks who provided their thoughts and feedback and special requests, I’ve finally created a set for older girls. I’ve added items that aren’t in the little girl set– a bra and a cami top. Accessories like a comb, a brush, lipstick and a hair bow. Though I know not every user will not necessarily want or use each and every item, I hope that this set is more complete for tweens and teens and women of all ages. And there are a lot of color options, depending on whether the user is looking for a bright and fun or more muted and mature color.

When I know they’re going off to a good home where they’ll be appreciated, I’m extra happy about sending them on their way. They been a blessing to me as a maker, and I hope they’re a blessing to their new homes. The I-know-where-it-goes set for Big Girls is already in the shop, and the set for Big Boys is in the works.

As I’m thinking about the many things I’m thankful for this time of year, this is something that wasn’t even on my radar at this time last year. I’m able to make something that I think is beautiful and is proving to be helpful to so many. An associated bit of thankfulness– it’s my Mom who helps me get these packaged and on their way. Getting to work with her this year has been fun and rewarding for both of us. And the last aspect of my thankfulness related to drawer stickers is that I’d never have thought to make these if it weren’t for being able to blog about what I make. My crafting and creative heart is so full. Thank you for reading and being a part of it.


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    Love. This. Post. Not many people go out of there way to write a comment about a product so kudos to them and you too for making such a wonderful product.

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    I got mine a month or so ago and the whole family loves them! Now my 4 year old and my husband are so much more willing to help me put away laundry and pick out clothes!

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