Christmas Gifts for Squeaky Clean Kids

When I was a kid I was fascinated by fun soap. Well, actually, I should just say I was fascinated with soap in general. I loved hotel soaps, bath soaps and those little shaped soaps that came in 80’s colors like Dusty Rose and Williamsburg Blue and Forest Green and sat in a little dish in the guest bath that no one was actually supposed to touch. Soap flakes, soap sheets, liquid soap and ESPECIALLY those squishy round bath marble things filled with oily soap or bubble bath… I was engrossed by the textures and shapes and smells.

When I realized how easy glycerine soap is to work with it, I had to try it myself. How easy is it? SO easy. All you have to do is microwave it and pour it into a mold. It’s way easier than candle crafting, because… it’s soap. If it drips, it washes off. You can use a pyrex measuring cup from the kitchen without forever sacrificing it to the gods of candlemaking. Wax isn’t so fun in that respect. And soap is FAST. Like 30 seconds in the microwave fast.

I decided to make some confetti soaps as gifts for some of our little friends, and a few will likely end up in the girls’ stockings.

The full tutorial is available at Crafts Unleashed. If you’re a Pinterest follower, you may’ve already spied this there!

It wasn’t until I’d finished these that I realized I have a soap fascination, especially as a holiday gift. I think it’s my form + function love at work. Gifts that are both attractive and useful are my favorites. As evidenced by my soap gift crafting last year.


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    I just have to comment to let you know that you’re not alone – I too had a weird fascination with soap. I had all the little decorative ones (cats and flower shapes especially) lined up on my bookshelf… I’d forgotten all about the squishy marbles – thanks for bringing back old memories! I wonder if they’re still available?
    Thanks for your blog in general too, I’m always extra happy to see it pop up in my reader :)

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    What do you mean weird? You mean AWESOME! Ha. I looked yesterday for the marbles– I think they were called bath beads? Nothing at Target. I’m thinking Wal-mart might have the retro awesomeness though. I think my girls will like them as much as I did. Especially in the clear candy cane shaped tube?!?!

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