How We’re Celebrating the Season

There are a few established traditions happening around our house. The tree. The lights. Decorations. Some baking. Chocolate advent calendars.

And there are a few new ones. First, there’s Reindeercam. It’s a 24 hour webcam that shows exactly what’s happening at the north pole, in case you neeeeed to know.
In the morning they’re kinda slow and sleepy. Like me.
Later they perk up, of course.
In the middle of the day the antlered one decided to try to take out the stripey pole. I think it was scratching its antlers. Sharpening them? Or trying to shed them? Dunno, but he/she was intent.
And at 11am and 6 & 9pm Eastern, Santa comes out to feed the reindeer. He seems to also talk to them and tell them jokes, but you can’t hear them. (One’s imagination runs wild with how funny they must be.) He also checks the mail in his mailbox.
There’s a scrolling “nice list” in the upper right corner, which has K transfixed– she’s looking for her own name and any others she recognizes as friends. Previewed on Instagram.┬áThe site has more info on how you can get your own names on the nice list. You know, besides the requisite good behavior.
A second new thing is the fact that my car is decorated. I mean, I’m already driving a minivan, it’s not like I can pretend I’m not a mom, so I might as well be a fun mom. The girls both flipped over it, and every time we open the front door to head out it’s the first thing they look for, in case the car has been de-reindeer-fied. So far so good. I got them here.
image courtesy of the nice folks at Amazon
Lastly, we are hosting the elf. The one that sits on a shelf. I completely avoided this for the last few years, thinking to myself “ugh, one more thing to take care of during an already busy month”. But as it turns out, my husband has happily taken this one on. He remembers to move it and *I’m* surprised each morning at where it turns up. We named him Charlie. You may’ve previewed him already on Instagram.
I enjoy overhearing the girls arguing over whatever the issue of the moment is and then hearing one of them whisper “Charlie can hear you!”. Yes! That’s a winner!
What’s been added to your holiday world this year?
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    I just bought that minivan reindeer thing. Maybe it will detract from what I like to affectionately call my minivan’s lipstick. Aka where I *gently kissed* a big red barn at my parents. About a week after getting my minivan back from repairs to the exact same spot. No applause, just send flowers (and apparently maybe driving lessons)

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    OH. Em. GEE! I was reading my crafty blogs with my morning coffee and mentioned to my husband how cool the ReindeerCam is. My 3 yr old FLEW in from the other room to sit on my lap and watch with me… Thanks for this!

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