Liberty Wall Display

I have been up to my ears (and occasionally over my head) in pattern design this week.  Things are looking good for a pattern release on Monday though, so I’m cautiously excited about that.  I needed a mid-week break from staring at digital lines though, so I thought something quick and easy was in order. […]

Ballet Dress: A Free Pattern + Tutorial

  Hi there readers! I feel like I should re-introduce myself after that crazy long blog break.  (it’s me, Adrianna.)  It was a good break though, with birthdays and holidays and visitors and vacations.  But now I’m ready to do some sewing and blogging again so I thought I’d kick off 2013 with a new […]

Judgement-Free Homemade Vanilla For All


I’m just getting around to sharing our gift for many of our friends and neighbors. While the holidays are over, I thought you might like to see it. I’d pinned the idea over the summer and finally made a batch in the Fall for holiday gifts. If you already know how to make homemade vanilla, […]

A Good Excuse to Say MINE! MINE! MINE!

Things have been quiet in crafterhours world lately. If you follow either of us on Instagram, though, you know that we’re alive and well and busy with families and taking a bit of a blog breather. Partly because there’s a lot coming up. Like, a lot. Not the least of which is that next week […]

My Daily To Do List

Happy New Year! If you’re trying to dig out of the mess like we are, you might appreciate this idea. Or maybe you’ll enjoy a chuckle over the ridiculousness of it. I’m a list maker. They calm me down, focus me and keep me organized. But there are some things that I do routinely that […]