Edelweiss Easter Dresses


In the midst of sewing a bridesmaid dress, being sick, and going on vacation, I managed to just barely whip up three Edelweiss dresses for my kiddos for Easter.  And by “whip up”, I mean “slave over for 2 days wishing the whole time I had chosen a knit dress”.  The Edelweiss has three separate […]

New Pattern: The Kensington Dress and Tee


The Kensington Dress and Tee is here!  This pattern is for a beautifully tailored knit dress or trendy hi-low hem tee.  It can go from casual and comfy to polished and buttoned up depending on what options you choose to use.  And oh the options! So many options! You can choose from: – a placket […]

My Penelope Peplum Dress!


I just love saying that name, Penelope Peplum!  Try it, you’ll feel happier just saying it.  Of course, I’m pretty biased toward the name Penelope anyway.  This is Kate from See Kate Sew’s brand new pattern, and I was lucky enough to get to try it out. When I saw the peplum, I immediately knew […]

A Very 5 & 10 Christmas


Who’s up for one last Christmas post?  I’m finally getting around to showing you the dresses I made for my girls this year.  Luckily they’re not very Christmassy.  I didn’t want to spend the time making three dresses that would only be good for one month out of the year, especially since all the girls […]

KCW Day 4: The Overachiever Knit Dress


Today’s project was born when I was face-slapped with inspiration by GoogieMomma’s white-piped navy dress that she shared on instagram.  As I was constructing it in my brain while taking a shower (as I am wont to do), it reminded me that Amanda did a princess-seamed Skater Dress that I meant to copy.  So I […]

KCW Day 3: Return of the Racerback!


For KCW day 3, I thought an obvious choice for my daughter who needs more dresses and my self-imposed Summer of Knits was my very own Racerback Dress! But boy did that backfire.  First I messed it up.  Yes, I messed up the pattern that I wrote.  It happens.  Then I had to use the […]