Sewing for Kindergarten! The X Factor Dress

crafterhours sewing for kindergarten header

It’s my turn Sewing for Kindergarten! It feels like it’s been forever since I experimented with fabric, and this was a particularly fun experiment – I’m calling it the X Factor Dress. For the duration of production I wasn’t sure whether the X was going to be a critical factor in its success OR the […]

The Breeze Top from Peaches and Peanuts


Shannon is the creative force behind the popular sewing/crafting/momming blog Little Kids Grow and her own pattern shop Peaches and Peanuts. She just released her very first tween pattern, the Breeze Top!  I know there’s a huge demand for tween patterns in sewing world, so this will make a lot of you very happy. Although I […]

Edelweiss Easter Dresses


In the midst of sewing a bridesmaid dress, being sick, and going on vacation, I managed to just barely whip up three Edelweiss dresses for my kiddos for Easter.  And by “whip up”, I mean “slave over for 2 days wishing the whole time I had chosen a knit dress”.  The Edelweiss has three separate […]

New Pattern: The Kensington Dress and Tee


The Kensington Dress and Tee is here!  This pattern is for a beautifully tailored knit dress or trendy hi-low hem tee.  It can go from casual and comfy to polished and buttoned up depending on what options you choose to use.  And oh the options! So many options! You can choose from: – a placket […]

My Penelope Peplum Dress!


I just love saying that name, Penelope Peplum!  Try it, you’ll feel happier just saying it.  Of course, I’m pretty biased toward the name Penelope anyway.  This is Kate from See Kate Sew’s brand new pattern, and I was lucky enough to get to try it out. When I saw the peplum, I immediately knew […]

A Very 5 & 10 Christmas


Who’s up for one last Christmas post?  I’m finally getting around to showing you the dresses I made for my girls this year.  Luckily they’re not very Christmassy.  I didn’t want to spend the time making three dresses that would only be good for one month out of the year, especially since all the girls […]