Plaid Flannel Sunki Dresses


I snagged the Sunki Dress from Figgys during a Friday Fiver last year and decided they’d make the perfect plaid flannel Christmas dresses!  All three girls got matching dresses, but I only got pictures of my oldest two.  This was a really fun, really slippery hike.  The trail was covered in ice, but it wasn’t… 

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Sewing for Kindergarten! The X Factor Dress

crafterhours sewing for kindergarten header

It’s my turn Sewing for Kindergarten! It feels like it’s been forever since I experimented with fabric, and this was a particularly fun experiment – I’m calling it the X Factor Dress. For the duration of production I wasn’t sure whether the X was going to be a critical factor in its success OR the… 

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The Breeze Top from Peaches and Peanuts


Shannon is the creative force behind the popular sewing/crafting/momming blog Little Kids Grow and her own pattern shop Peaches and Peanuts. She just released her very first tween pattern, the Breeze Top!  I know there’s a huge demand for tween patterns in sewing world, so this will make a lot of you very happy. Although I… 

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