Blog Swap: I Am Only 1 Woman

Hello Crafterhours Readers!  It is my pleasure to be blog swapping today. I am Bobbie with I Am Only 1 Woman.  A few things about me:

  • I am a stay at home mom of 2 girls and a dog (and we all know that they take up almost as much time as the kids)
  • I love anything (well almost, not a fan of real pigs) PINK
  • I am an avid sewer
  • I love to be creating new things
  • I HAVE to buy things on sale or clearance…if its not a good deal then it is not for me
  • finally, I am not a perfectionist…
Lets get on with the fun tutorial!

I hate sewing button holes.  They never come out right for me (probably has to do with the perfectionist thing).  This is an easy way that I have come up with to avoid making button holes but still be able to use all those cute buttons that I keep finding.

What you will need:
  • buttons
  • snaps
  • hammer
  • thread
  • needle
How to do it:

I have this dress for my baby that needed some buttons on it.
Follow the directions on the snaps package and put the snaps where you would like your buttons to be.

    See those snaps?

    Now sew the button into place over the snaps.  Make sure not to cover the snap so that the snap will not function.  This particular one I sewed the button just above the snap.

    Now you have an easy and cute way to add buttons to ANYTHING 

    This dress is one of a set of three skirts that I purchased at Walmart awhile ago (did I say that they were each $1.00?).  They were womens skirts that were too big for me even.  This is the baby girls dress that I made from one of the skirts.  You can watch for all three dresses to be posted onto my blog…very soon.  

    Thanks, again for swapping with me.  It has been great fun and I hope to see you around.  To visit my blog, go to I Am Only 1 Woman.  

    P.S. I am also doing a giveaway for a $25.00 Gift Certificate to A Vision to Remember on Etsy.  Go here to enter.


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