Kid-Friendly Patriotic Table Runner: A Tutorial

Do you like how I called this “Kid Friendly” as a euphemism for “embarrassingly simple”?  This is how it goes folks – when I sew, I don’t mind complicated and technical, when I no-sew, it’s going to look like a 3rd grade project, at best. I also don’t know whether this is a true “runner”, […]

Snow White: A New Take on an Old Favorite

Like most preschoolers, my daughter loves dress-up.  In fact, she wears her dress-up clothes more often than her regular clothes.  We even have a rule: At home, you can pick your clothes, when we go out, Mommy picks the clothes. So the other day she asked me to make her a Snow White dress “on […]

Skirt Week Conclusion

Well, Skirt Week has come to an end, and we want to thank everyone who contributed a skirt to the flickr pools.  You guys are responsible for about 47 new projects on my to-do list, thankyouverymuch!  We had a blast going through all the entries and admiring all the truly creative and inspiring talent out […]

Skirt Week: Twin Market Skirts

Our twin friends, MM & MJ, were turning 3.  I decided a pair of market skirts were in order. I planned on making them in their signature colors: pink for MJ and purple for MM, but lo and behold, I have no purple fabric in my stash.  Shocking, I know.  So, I had to come […]

Skirt Week: Little Girls’ Skirt Winner!

And the Little Girls’ Skirt Winner is… Pot O’ Gold Skirt From Amy of During Quiet Time! Ok, you guys, this one took a long time.  The other skirts were picked fairly shortly after the deadline for submissions, but Susan and I were still trying to pick a little girls’ skirt winner this morning! (well, afternoon […]

Skirt Week: Madras Straight Mini Skirt

Just a simple madras skirt, made from “cheater cloth”.  I made the pattern by copying my favorite jean skirt.  The back has 2 darts, the pockets are made in the same way as the milkmaid skirt, and I had a little help constructing the button fly placket from Wendy Mullin’s book Sew U. If it […]