The Best Crayons Ever

We don’t go nuts talking about individual products all that much. We’re not infomercial people. But I decided I wanted to write about the best crayons ever¬†(affiliate link) because there’s so much I love about them. I’m a materials geek, especially with anything that features a set of colors. We’ve gone through a lot of crayons, colored pencils and markers ’round here. Some I can stand, others I’ve looked for opportunities to “lose” as soon as the kids were distracted.

No Roll Hard to Break Crayons
These are now the go-to coloring tools at our house. For a number of reasons:
1) They don’t roll. So I’m not picking them up off of the floor as often. Or stepping on them as often because I’ve failed to notice that they’ve rolled on to the floor. Or faaaar under something that I don’t care to climb under for retrieval.
2) They’re washable. This is a must at our house. It’s still surprising to me how many crayons aren’t. I know this makes me completely uppity and plenty of moms say “crayons weren’t washable when I/my kids were little and we did just fine.” Yes, many crayons marks can be removed even if the crayons aren’t “washable”. But some can’t. And if (really, it’s just a matter of time) one goes through the washer or dryer somehow? Fooooorget it. I’m sticking to washable.
3) There’s no paper wrapper. Not only does that make them neater since my kids like to tear the paper off for fun, but that makes them more readily useful for rubbings and coloring large areas with the side of the crayon.
4) They don’t break easily. They’re solid, but not so solid that they don’t color well.
5) They come in a cute and sturdy snap-closed case that doesn’t pop open when you’re traveling or moving things from place to place. Or when a kid yanks the case off of the table.
6) Both my nearing-two-year-old and 4+-year-old can use these happily. Easy to hold, easy to share.
7) Because of #1, #4 and #5, after several months of use, they’re all STILL HERE. We haven’t lost any yet. We’ve used them lots and there’s still lots of use left. I really can’t believe they still look so new.
I’m thinking of stocking up on them and then making DIY coloring books for little friends’ birthday parties.
So…. the only downside is that they don’t come in an assortment of 72,000 colors and glitters and metallics and stuff. I can live with that.


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    I’ve always been a Crayola kinda girl (kind a have to since we lived right around the factory in PA) but I’m convinced. I love the no paper aspect. Someone gave us a set of Rose Art ones for Christmas and by the time they came through the mail all but 3 of the tips were broken off. We hadn’t even used them yet. Good thing crayons are good for melting down and making new crayons or really cool framed art.

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    I use these in my classroom! The shape naturally encourages kids to hold the crayons properly. One set easily lasts the entire year (21 pairs of hands using them too!)

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    Geez, just when I thought we had EVERYTHING Melissa & Doug — we don’t have these. My little ones recently got a rather expensive set of rock crayons and they don’t seem to want to use them at all? I’ll have to order a set — thanks!!!

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    I’m so glad you told us about these. I’m so sick of our “box-O-crayons” I was ready to toss them all out! These will be an instant hit at our house!

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    love melissa and doug stuff-thanks for sharing these-i’m so tired of picking up crayons off the floor-my kids color all the time and go through lots of crayones and they’re usually all over the place!

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    I need to go find some… I literally buy new crayons every two weeks because they get broken into pieces or roll into the great unknown under the couch. Thanks!

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    We love those crayons so much too – for all the same reasons! Plus, M&D just seems to know, don’t they? This post reminded me that I still have one more package of these stashed away and it may be time to bust them out. Thanks. :)

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    We are DEFINITE crayon people around here. Must give these ones a try! I too am tired of broken, half-wrapped, non-washable crayons! I will be on the lookout…..

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    I am cracking up, read this yesterday but my hands were full of children and I couldn’t type. I just laughed because you made me want to go out and buy these right away! Then I came down to reality when I was cleaning up the mess my little artists had made as I put away the billions of crayons that we already own… it’s nice to dream so thanks for the fantasy however small it may seem, I enjoyed it ;)

  10. Anonymous says

    i prefer my Crayola’s…. i mean i havent tried these but im in need of 4’00’00’00 other colors! :D haha… tori, from totally tori

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