What I made for #3: Reupholstered Glider

In the interest of future, differently chromosomed offspring, everything I bought for baby girl #1 was gender neutral.  But when I found out that our 3rd and final baby was yet again a big old double X, I went girl-print crazy.

You already saw the formerly-green-carseat-turned-floral-liberty-print.  Now let me show you the formerly-blue-gingham-glider-turned-floral-AMH-print.  (florals and I must be having a moment)

This is Anna Maria Horner’s “summer totem” in tart from her Loulouthi line, and I heart it big time.  Like, purchased-8-yards-of-it big time (9 if you count the yard of laminated cotton!)  The scale is very large (I think I measured an 18 inch vertical repeat) and lends itself perfectly to upholstery and whole cloth quilts, like this gorgeous one from Anna of Noodlehead.
Once again, I got smart and used a tutorial to help tackle this, namely this tutorial from Ashley of Lil Blue Boo.  And, much like the carseat cover tutorial, Ashley’s instructions helped guide me through each step even though my glider wasn’t exactly the same.  With a project this big, sometimes you just need to know where to start.  And it helps to see that someone else has done it and lived to tell the tale too.
 Like most sewing projects though, this one just ended up being time consuming, but not necessarily difficult.  Much like my pregnancies, actually.
The large quantity of this print in the room might be a bit “much” for some people (if that’s you, don’t look at my nursery reveal – your head will explode) but I love it.  When it comes to color, I say go big or go home!  Just don’t go to my home (again with the head exploding issue).
Bonus: when you’re done with this project, you have a pretty place to prop up your feet for a well-deserved rest.
And now for your moment of baby zen:



    • says

      hm…good question. I’d say 4 yards? I was worried about image placement too, so I may have used more because of that. I can’t tell you 100% because I just went ahead and ordered 8 yards of this fabric because I love it so much :)

      The best way to make sure you don’t buy too much: tear apart your old cover first. You have to do this anyway, and then you’ll know exactly how much fabric you’ll need. You’ll use less fabric if you’re not worried about pattern placement or matching too.

  1. says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the new fabric on the glider. Looks uh-mazing! Also love the picture of your little peanut. So unbelievably sweet and tiny.

  2. says

    YUM! I just LOVE that chair!
    I can’t wait to see if our #3 will be girl #3 as well. March is creeping up so slowly! I went a little bit over the top with ruffles and stuff when I found out at 31 weeks with girl #2, and if #3 is another girl when I find out at 20 weeks I fully intend to go just inSANE.

  3. says

    Oh I love this re-do so much! That fabric looks awesome on your glider! I am contemplating doing this for #4…you are definitely helping me get in my reupholstering zone :-)

  4. says

    I did the same thing before I had my little boy. I had bought a used glider for really cheap, but the fabric was terribly ugly and had a few stains. I covered it with a blanket that we rarely used. That was before I had discovered all the great tutorials and blogs, so I just winged it and it didn’t turn out too bad. Not nearly as cute as yours, though! :)

  5. says

    Love this!! How did you do the ottoman?? The other tutorial you linked to didn’t have an ottoman. My cushion is attached to my ottoman, so not sure how that would work.

  6. Nina says

    I have one of these and have been looking for new cushions. This is much prettier than anything I’ve seen. Yours turned out beautifully.

  7. amanda eastman says

    Love this!! Did you handsew all of those seams in the center? I saw her blog, but I’m still kinda unsure on how to do that part!! Thanks so much for posting..love this print!!

    • Adrianna says

      She handsewed them using an upholstery thread and needle, but I just jammed the entire thing under my sewing machine because it’s a work horse and can handle it. Not sure I’d recommend it for all machines though ;)

  8. Ed says

    Nice project, what kind of fabric is this? I tried to look for it but I can’t find it, any ideas where can I find it? Thanks :)


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