Shorts on the Line (a shirt, and some photo bombing too)

I’m over at Designs by Sessa guest blogging for the Shorts on the Line series & competition she’s hosting along with Imagine Gnats and Small and Friendly
I did a pattern review for these shorts, but I couldn’t help but make a matching top too.  It’s basically the same as this top, but with all woven fabric, straps that go all the way around instead of tying, and a fully gathered skirt.  Ok, so it’s not exactly the same.
 And here’s a picture you won’t see on her blog: my parents’ dog photobombing and ruining 90% of my photographs of this outfit.  That dog is lucky to be alive.  (Don’t write me letters, PETA, I said she’s still alive, didn’t I?!)
Happy Friday!
(the non-dog lover.  not this dog anyway.)


  1. says

    The top is adorable. But haha, that dog. The expression is priceless. Like he/she (?) is thinking “I’m not here. I’m not ruining your photo. You didn’t see me. And if you did I had no idea I did something wrong. Trust me.”


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