Spoonflower I Spy Swap: Round 3!

I’ve had a while to recover from Swaps 1 and 2. I’d be crazy to do it again, right? Well, yes. So I’m doing it again… a little differently.

Before I dive into the particulars…
Are you looking for I Spy inspiration? 
Or are you wondering what people DO with all of these squares? 

I’ve made some changes to the process that will hopefully result in a less time-consuming administrative effort and a smoother flow of swap sets out the door and into swappers hands. And again for Round 3, Spoonflower is offering swap participants 20% off of their order. Yay!

Folks who have swapped before will dig this one because they get a fresh set of fabric with only a one-yard investment.

Folks who are starting from scratch may choose to use these 56 to complete a project, or may choose to add Alloy, Eden or Alpha to the swap loot to create something larger.

Here’s how the swap will work this time.

Join the swap by visiting the crafterhours store. There you’ll find swap spots listed. There are 56 spots for this swap. When they disappear from the shop, the swap is full. Swap spots are $1. Shipping will be added – $3 for domestic and $9 for international.  (You can take more than one spot if you like, the shipping cost for additional sets is $1/set.)
Join the Flickr group. It’s free and easy peasy. I’m happy to answer questions if you’re new to Flickr-ing.

Make your selection at Spoonflower. Just ONE YARD this round. You’re selecting ONE yard of Kona quilting weight fabric (with swap discount, $14.40 + $3 shipping) for each spot you’ve purchased, and the image you add to the Flickr group should show the fabric at the 8″ x 8″ “Test Swatch” scale. More on that in this post.

Post your selection in the Flickr group and wait for approval. We’re checking for duplicates within the swap or repeated subject matter. For example, one “owl” print in this swap. There are thousands of new prints that have been added since our last swap.
Once you see the approval, order your fabric ASAP. We’ll e-mail the Spoonflower code to our list of participants. International swappers will ship to us and we’ll cut for you to save shipping time.
Each participant cuts fifty-six 5″x5″ squares of fabric and mails them to us. No SASE required because we you’ve already paid for shipping and provided your address at checkout. 

We sort them and send them out so that each participant gets 56 different Spoonflower I Spy squares in return!
Your squares must be uploaded to Flickr by Saturday, September 15th and must be received by us by October 10th. They will be mailed out on or before October 17th.

The BIGGEST difference? My mom has volunteered to help sort and ship. She has a dedicated workspace that’s pet and kid free and perfect for this. She’s also the distribution center for all of the other things in the shop, and there wouldn’t be a shop without her! If you’re adding anything else from the shop, the shipping will combine. She’s magic like that.

Questions? Shoot! I’ll update this post if/as needed. The last swap filled in less than 36 hours, so if you’re interested, I’d suggest thinking fast. Folks on our mailing list have already grabbed some spots– they got a heads-up yesterday! 


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    Can you please provide instructions on how to capture the test swatch fabric image from Spoonflower so that it can be uploeaded to flickr? I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to do so.

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    Hi! I just discovered your blog…and this great swap! It seems that it is closed, but your store has the $1 spot product still available. Can you please let me know if I can still join? I am not sure if my email shows so I will subscribe to your blog now. Thanks, Maria Gualdoni

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