KCWC Day 1: Color Blocked Cardi

KCWC Day Numero Uno is a color-blocked Greenpoint Cardigan!  I’ve had this version on my mind since I decided to do a cardigan pattern.  Somehow it was better in my head, where I was envisioning a more subtle ‘ombre’ look (please pronounce ‘ombre’ in the voice of Antonio Bandaras, as I intended).  But I just used what I had in the stash, and it’s taking me a second to like the neon & neutral thing going on here. 
OK, I like it now.
I made this by haphazardly cutting the fabric into color-blocked sections, but if you wanted to do it in a more scientific, “correct” way, you could also slice the paper pattern, add seam allowances, and then cut the different fabrics. 
I told my daughter she would be posing a lot this week, so just try to act natural. 
I got this:
And this:
And some other poses from which I will spare you.
I guess six is not the magical age at which  kids start looking natural in front of a camera without direction.  (Who am I kidding, 30 isn’t either.)

So that’s day one!  The success or failure of day two is yet to be determined…


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    Is there an age when they look natural in front of the camera??? I’ve got 8 and 15 and I get creepy weird faces or Facebook self portrait posing! Haha! The cardigan is adorable and so is the model!

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      Make a sz 12 and add length to the sleeves and body and it would be in your size! (It’s pretty fitted though – you’d have to add width to make it a slouchy cardi)

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    hahaha, thank you for specifying to use Antonio Banderas’ voice for ombre, the word really does get much better that way. I really like the sweater, very chic! I tricked my daughter into some good posing the other day by asking her what was on the ceiling, the second she broke eye contact with my camera she forgot to try turn herself into a human pretzel while making a crazed 8D face. Because that’s how we model pants.


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