KCWC Day 6: It’s not a party until someone throws up

So after I mentioned that I might skip out on my Junebug dress goal yesterday, I got some MAJOR GUILT TRIPS from Jess and Kristin.  And then I went and sobbed in my room for an hour just kidding I didn’t just kidding it was two hours just kidding.

Ok, so it wasn’t really a guilt trip.  But I did still really want to make the dress because it was kinda the thing I was most excited about for this KCWC.  And then I realized that the only thing holding me back was that I didn’t want to sew yet another dress for my 4 year old daughter.  Um, yeah.  The girl who wears a dress to school every single day that she can get away with it.

So after waking up this morning to a kid needing me to hold her hair while she puked (which, besides coffee, is just about the best part of waking up), I got the kids settled down and got started*.  As you can imagine, I didn’t get very far.  Those kids are awfully needy when they’re present and awake.  Next time I’m sending them a KCWC memo, or just dropping them off at school and pretending I forgot it was Saturday.

So, this is how much I got done before we left for our back-to-back parties, not returning to our house until 10 pm:

It’s a Junebug dress!  But I’m doing something a little different.  10 points to the first person who can tell what it is. 

I maybe shouldn’t have given you this sneak peek, because there’s a fairly good chance this won’t work out.  But I’m going to finish it tomorrow in the 2 hours I have between church and another party, oh yes I am.  No promises on photography or blogging though. 

*before you give me the mom of the year award, I should clarify that I didn’t abandon my puking kid to go sew.  She wasn’t sick, and she didn’t get sick again.  She just likes to puke occasionally to keep life interesting.  The car is her favorite place, especially if we’re on a highway with no exits, but she’s not too particular about her throw-up locations.


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    Oooo! I bet Jess is right! That does look like knit and soooo cute! I just bought a bunch of knit! I might have to try it too! (But my sewing to-do list is so long I don’t know if I’ll ever finish!)

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    What a funny post! And a lovely title too (it’s funny ‘cos it’s true, as the great Homer J. Simpson would say). You should send it to Hallmark as an idea to put on their birthday cards!

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    hahahaha! sorry for the guilt trip but this is looking awfully cute so far (and i totally want to see it in knit!). my daughter pukes at the drop of a hat, too. when she was first born and they were testing her gag reflex in the hospital they said it was really strong. awesome. puke fest.

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