KCWC Day 7: Aaand Scene.

Here’s my finished Junebug dress!

Ok ok, I’m glad I made it.  Thanks for the push, ladies.  As I suspected, this is one of my favorite things from this week.  It’s tied with my three cardis, the pjs, the baby rompers, and the balloon dress…

 You guys were right yesterday – I made it with knit fabric.  I graded it up a size, but only a teeny tiny bit since knit can basically fit their measurements with little ease.  I think I added about 1/4 inch to all the pattern pieces, and just re-drew the neck and arm curves.  It was easy peasy with Jess’ awesome pattern.

The front bib portion is completely lined with lightweight interfacing to help it stay up and support the buttons, and the whole bodice is lined with another lightweight knit.  I also reduced the sleeve cap and length to make them straight cap sleeves.  I think less is more when it comes to knit sleeves.  The skirt is just a big rectangle that I brought in at the waist with 4 inverted pleats.  I wish I had made it an a-line though.  I made a giant 4-inch hem to weigh down the super lightweight knit, but also so I could let it out and get at least a year’s wear out of it.  And that’s it!

How awesome are these buttons?  Can you tell I only had 5 and one of them is silver?  Me neither.  I couldn’t let that sway me since they were so perfect.  The style of the bib, the navy stripes, and the buttons all give this a fun nautical feel, which (if I was forced to choose only one) is my favorite style.

And that means that I officially sewed for at least 1 hour a day for 7 days!  Actually, I don’t think it was ever just an hour.  Those pjs pretty much took me the entire day.  KCWC was fun though, and I’m happy I participated, and I’m really happy with the stuff I made because of it.  Thanks Meg!

 I guess my projects can be summed up by: knit & BUTTONS!!!  I sewed 21 buttons this week.  That’s probably more than all the buttonholes I’ve made in my life combined.

Things I saw elsewhere during KCWC that I must copy:

Painted polka dots:

charmstitch | craftiness is not optional

Peter Pan Collars:

see kate sew | made by rae
Orange (oh wait, I did do an orange day.  I guess I really love orange):
you & mie | the red kitchen

 Rad shirt art:

girl like the sea | skirt as top
Thanks for all the inspiration ladies!  It’s been fun.  Now I’m going to go clean my sewing area.


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    This dress on that girl=total perfection. Oh, how I love it! I love all your stuff from last week. Ivy needs one of those rompers. Well, I guess not so much now that it’s already dipping into the 50s…dangit!

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    really cute dress! that knit is awesome! I’m a sucker for stripes. And what a happy surprise to see my at-at shirt up there ^_^ haha

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    WOOT! You worked like a madwoman, girl! I can’t believe how much stuff you made this year. Totally awesome. I love all of it. And the dress is supergreat, so sweet. Thanks for loving on the peter pan flashback too, by the way.

    It is so much fun to do all this sewing with everyone else, i totally agree. Yay! for kcwc and instagram! :)

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    I love it! I love the nautical look too, and those buttons are perfect for this dress. =)
    I’m sure I’ve said it before, but your little girl’s hair is just beautiful. I wish mine looked like that!

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    I am so in love with this dress. I wanted to make it when it first came out but wasn’t excited about drafting my own pattern. But now I really want to make it! Did you draft yours from an old tee like she says in the tutorial?

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