Rainbow Undies

So, let’s talk about Adrianna’s amazingness last week with KCWC. AMAZINGNESS. I love seeing how amazingly skilled she’s become. I mean, she had plenty of skill when I met her, but now she’s amazingly skilled and FAST. Amazing. Totally overusing the word yet it’s still appropriately used here because she’s AMAZING.

My own KCWC (Kids Clothes Week Challenge, hosted by Elsie Marley) sewing? Not as inspiring. Just two pairs of undies. During the first three days of the challenge we were away from home. I thought about trying to take my sewing machine to Disneyworld, but figured maybe we’d be a little tiny bit busy?

I’ve gotta show you what I did manage to make. Because it’s a marriage of three of my favorite things.

1) The fabric. Bought early in the summer from The Fabric Fairy before she became a sponsor. This particular print seems to be gone, but when I’m looking for cute knits, her shop is one of the first places I look. I looooove this fabric so much I’ve had a hard time committing it to a project. I thought this was a good way to just start somewhere— I still have enough left for a racerback dress and maybe a tee, too.

2) The pattern. Created by Amanda of Kitschy Coo. My girls reach for these first because they are wildly comfortable. They cover everything. No crack. And they never tug at them. The body is one piece, with no center seam to irritate. As if the comfort wasn’t enough, I think they’re SO worth sewing because they can serve as an adorable diaper cover pre-potty training, and THEN as undies. Such a long life! Amanda has cute knits in her shop, too. This pattern is fantastic for repurposing tees.

3) The foldover elastic, also known as FOE. It has a ridge down the center that makes it easy to fold over and stitch. Also from The Fabric Fairy. I’d been excited earlier this year to see some of the big box fabric stores selling FOE, but it turns out theirs is heavy duty and much better suited for diaper making. This FOE is soft and stretchy and easy to work with. A satiny side and a matte side.

I used Amanda’s pattern for this version too, and just used FOE instead of the yoga style bands.

I can almost see Amanda making offensive gestures at me from across the pond, because the whole point of her pattern was to make the bands super comfy and add to the rise on the backside. All I’m sayin’ is that you can use the pattern both ways. I like both versions. The previous one makes a much better diaper cover, though.

My girls are big fans. Though I find it nearly impossible to provide a photograph of them wearing undies that I don’t imagine showing up in some unsavory other internet location. This is the best I’ve got.

When their bums makes their inevitable appearances on the playground while they’re pretending to be monkeys, at least they’re well-covered.


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    I have some of this fabric! I got mine from Banberry Place. I love it too and haven’t decided what I am going to make with it yet! Your undies were a perfect use for such a fun print!

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