Tacky With Taste: Quick, Cute Gift Decor

There are a lot of options for sticking things together. It sounds simple enough, but there are very specific uses for a lot of sticky things. Have you been on the glue aisle of a big box store? Too many options, really. 
Most folks are familiar with school glue. It’s great because it’s water based, but it’s runny and messy and when it dries it’s not flexible, so things pop right off of the surface without a second thought.
Hot glue is kind of the opposite of school glue, and is fantastic… except for the part where it’s dangerous and messy. I like my fingers and my fingerprints intact.
There’s a great option in-between school glue and hot glue: Tacky Glue. The name is… tacky. But that’s what’s required, because you need to know that this stuff is sticky, not watery. I was already a user and a fan before I heard that Aleene’s was looking for bloggers to extoll its virtues. I put these two to work– the Original Tacky Glue and the Tacky Dot Roll. Go ahead and pin this to your craft stash to-buy list. 

To these I added white gift wrap and embellishments. Where school glue fails, Tacky Glue picks up the slack. Any of these items would fall right off of a project if you were using regular white glue and are small enough that you’d burn yourself trying to do a neat job of hot glueing.

 I chose the sequins to demonstrate. So easy to draw your lines and drop the sequins on.

Tilt and shake. The Tacky Glue grabs whatever it touches and the rest falls right off when you turn it. No running or dripping. With glitter that’s particularly important. When it dries it holds firmly and flexibly, so that nothing pops off.

Individual dots of Tacky Glue (or the dots from the Tacky Dot Roll) make it easy to stick on individual sequins or poms or googly eyes. No sweat. Quick and easy sequin polka dots, and the glue is still washable. Water cleanup is just as easy as with school glue, with holding power that’s more like hot glue.
I’ve been eyeing photos of gift wrap themes. I love the way a pile of matchy-matchy presents look under a tree, and with this you can make stripes, bows, initials, swirls and shapes. Quick, easy, inexpensive and fun! And it dries quickly, so you don’t have to wait long to be able to pile ’em up.

In summary, what I’m saying is… Tacky Glue is a useful part of your basic crafting stash.

I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with Aleene’s and Blueprint Social. The opinion that Tacky Glue is worth adding to your stash is entirely mine.

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