Oh Happy Day! Instagram Is For Everyone!

I’m so so so very happy that it’s finally election day. So very happy that the ads are almost over. I wasn’t planning on posting today because we’re having a red, white and blue party with friends while we wait for the returns. It’s an exciting, fun, nail-biting sort of day.

But I had to hop on and jump for joy. I’m also so so so so so so VERY excited that Instagram has just added web access! If you don’t know what Instagram is all about, in simplest terms it’s just a photo sharing app. But what makes it so cool is that:

  • in the crafty/sewing blogger community you’ll find a lot of fun blogger-to-blogger conversations that you just wouldn’t see any other way. 
  • you can reach out and have a quick exchange with anyone. Or ask for input on a work in progress. 
  • there are snippets of daily life that are utterly relatable. 
  • Instagram (IG) is a lot more relaxed than most blogging– Adrianna and I talk to each other via comments on each others photos that anyone can read. We make fun of each other occasionally. I try to contain my jealousy of her year-round-summer weather and she of my Target/Trader Joe’s shopping.
  • crafters and sewers share works in progress that they may not take the time to share in a blog post.

The good news that just appeared last night as I was scrolling through the folks I follow is that now you can see Instagram on the web! That’s awesome news for folks that don’t have smart phones who previously weren’t able to follow along and join the fun.

And MORE good news? Because IG is now on the internet, we can pin from Instagram feeds! The profiles don’t all seem to be live yet, it seems they’re rolling out a little at a time. So I’m patiently waiting for one particular polka dot WIP to come up from Imagine Gnats so that I can pin it.

More more more good news is that we have a series in the works that we want to use IG for, and now it’ll be that much easier because everyone can join in now, not just the smart phone addicts. Hooray!

So if you’re looking to take a break from election excitement and indulge in some crafty eye candy, you can find Adrianna’s feed here:

And Susan’s feed here:

See you on IG! Yippeeeeeee! I needed a happy distraction from the nail biting.


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      It’s…. fascinating. They say you can put it on anything you’d put peanut butter on. Apples, I get. But spreading cookies on bread… confuses me. But licking it off of a spoon is something I can recommend.

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