The Skater Dress by Kitschy Coo + Giveaway!

You guys, the Skater Dress is HERE!!  Well, not HERE here.  Actually, it’s over at Kitschy Coo, but we here at Crafterhours are big fans!  If you were one of the 4 billion people on this planet anxiously awaiting the release of this much-anticipated pattern, I’m happy to report that you can now click yourself over to Amanda’s shop and buy it.  (And if you’re like me, proceed to churn out 37 of them in the first week.)

I already showed you my Valentine’s version:

But I also tested out a couple more.  I’m not sure it can be called “testing” after the first one though.  I hear the first one’s free and after that it’s an addiction.

Amanda guides you through the world’s easiest and prettiest and most gratifying neckband insertion.  I could seriously just sew these neckbands on all day.  Don’t hold me to that.

My daughters LOVE their Skater dresses.  The one above is stained from being worn twice a week every week for a month.

This photoshoot ended in typical fashion – 1 to 2 usable shots followed by new heights of ridiculousness:


Yeah.  So instead of that, let’s focus on this pattern.  I obviously can’t recommend it enough.  It’s just the best silhouette for cute little girl style, it’s comfortable enough that they’ll actually wear it, and it’s a great way to showcase gorgeous (or hallucinogenic) fabric.  Oh, and you don’t need a serger.  (I should know, mine’s been in the shop for 2 months.  I actually use my serger more for finishing woven garments than for constructing knits.  But that’s a blog post for another day.)

But wait, there’s more!  Thanks to a generous offer from my lovely co-blogger Susan, this pattern is now completely digitized!  Susan is also digitizing a soon-to-be pattern for another Very Famous Blogger, so stay tuned for that.  And if you have a pattern that you’d like to have digitized, either for sale or for your own use, you should contact her.  Word on the street is that she’s accepting clients!  Our email is if you’d like more info.

But wait, there’s even more!  If you want to win your very own copy of the Skater Dress, just leave a comment below telling us and the entire internet community your most embarrassing moment.  We don’t have any, so we want to hear yours.  PLEASE leave an email address in your comment if it’s not linked to your profile so we can contact you.

One winner will be chosen at random on Monday, open world-wide, no duplicate comments please.


  1. says

    My most embarrassing moment happened a few months into my husband’s new job as a youth pastor. We were in the car with several of the kids, including the Senior Pastor’s son. I was talking about something and I totally swore in front of them. Ack!! It was 13 years ago and I’m still mortified (and THEY still talk about it!).

  2. says

    ONE of my most embarrassing moments was this:
    I get nervous as most people do around new people and I usually throw other people under the bus to save myself (it’s sad I know but I get super nervous!). I will tell something funny about my husband and embarrass him or like this one time, I made fun of a girls name TO the girl who had the awful name (I had no idea the girl I was sitting next to was the girl who had the awful name). I think her name was Shakeena or something like that and i was going on and on about it being awful and who names their kid that and she looks at me and says I’m Shakeena! Soooo embarrassed! I deserved it though:)

  3. says

    I have embarrassing moments all the time, but for some reason I can’t remember any right now (other than the time I accidentally blaming a guy friend for me changing into my swimsuit so fast). I must have blacked them out so I can go around without blushing all the time.

  4. says

    Hmmm…most embarrassing? I’m having trouble thinking of a big one, but when I was newly engaged, I was a waitress at a restaurant where I knew a lot of the patrons, and everyone was full of congratulations and asking to see the ring. So after a few tables doing this, I went to the table of this older couple and I thought he asked to see my ring. So I put my hand in his face and he’s looking at me like I’ve lost my mind. Turns out he had asked to see the wine list. Oops. I was totally in that engagement glow where everything was (obviously) all about me!

  5. says

    I have way too many embarrassing moments, so I give some of mine to you (since you have none)! The first and probably most embarrassing on was when I was in 2nd grade and during the Mother’s Day program, when it came time for me to hold up a big letter as part of a banner spelling “happy mother’s day” I held mine upside down and all the moms laughed. :)

  6. says

    Love that neckline and I want to try it! I don’t get embarassed too easily. I do remember, though, when I was a cheerleader in Junior High. We were having a pep rally and I jumped and landed right on my butt in front of the entire student body!

  7. says

    I think it would have to be when I fell out of my chair at church and the whole class saw my underwear. I was only 11. I can’t think of anything as an adult…I guess I don’t embarrass easily?

  8. says

    My most embarassing moment was during my jr. year in high school, onstage during the musical. We were singing “Anything Goes” and doing the Charleston……My leg went up, and my bottom went down……flashing the audience. The hit of the cast party was watching that part over….and over….and over….. Yikes! Nothing was hurt but my ego, luckily! I see the humor now, but at the time, it felt devastating and I was sure that EVERYONE in the audience has seen it happen.

  9. says

    My most embarassing moment: I peed on my then boyfriend / now husband. He was carrying me and I told him I had to pee… and he told me.. Don’t GO.. I heard… just GO! So I did. He still married me. mindyreid at gmail dot com

  10. says

    Hilarious! My most recent embarassment was puking in the trash cans at the state fair. (like three in a row) emmilleeATgmailDOTcom

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    Darling dress… and that last photo is absolutely my favorite. =) I try to block all my embarrassing moments out of my memory… in fact the most recent I can recall was when I was FIVE, and wet my pants at the top of my aunts stairs, creating a trickle all the way down to the bottom of them. =/

  12. Anonymous says

    Picking up the award for 1st runner up for our group at a junior science competition… I got up to get to the stage, tripped and took the three rows of empty chairs with me, whilst sliding towards the stage… (the floor was sloped, yes). It was quite the entrance…
    sushi(at)telenet (dot) be

  13. says

    I have been drooling over that dress since you posted the Valentine’s version.

    Most embarrassing moment…riding in a car with a fellow I really liked and suddenly feeling the urge to puke. He managed to get it to the side of the road and as I leaned over to puke out the door I totally (and very loudly) tooted. I mean, loud and proud was that flatulent piece of art. I was so mortified.
    chelligirl1 (at) gmail (dot) com

  14. says

    posiesandplanes @ gmail

    When on a school field trip I was yelling to someone who was on the ferris wheel. I was walking as I was looking up and ran straight into a huge cement planter.

  15. says

    One of my most embarrassing moments was when I fell down the entire flight of stairs in the balcony at the opera! Everyone held their breath and then gasped as I landed after throwing myself into a seat to avoid falling any further. Luckily the only thing I really hurt was my ego. Thanks for the giveaway! The dresses look great!

  16. says

    I am not sure there are just so many to choose from.

    I guess I would have to say that the time that I fell down a whole set of bleachers during my high school baskeball games.

    Love the dress would love to win the patten and sew a few up for my girls.

  17. says

    Hmm. Most of mine have to do with horribly botching piano pieces in front of large audiences. But I also sat on an end table and broke it during youth group. That was pretty awful. I love the pattern and the dresses you made with it.

  18. says

    When i was in middle school playing basketball. I played guard, & got my hands on the ball. I went for a fast break, busted a lay up, making the shot. The whole gym was yelling GO GO GO! I felt awesome! Until i realized it was the other teams basket, & the whole gym of spectators was actually yelling NO NO NO.ummm, yeah, enter pink embarrassing hotness HERE!

  19. says

    I was on a train with we went to the loo, the big disabled person type loo with the the buttons on the wall opposite the loo. I went for a wee, and yes, they opened the door and everyone saw me on the loo while yelling at my giggling children to shut the door. Such fun!

  20. says

    Super cute dresses! I’d love to try that pattern!
    I asked my former hair dresser if she was expecting and she WASN’T…”just fat”, she said. And then she still had to cut my hair….akward! Still got a good cut, but I was scared! It was so embarrassing. Now, I don’t ask anybody if they are preggo, even if they are about to pop. Just talk about the weather & such…much safer that way :)

  21. says

    There are lots to choose from, so i will go with the most recent! This week while waiting in the waiting room of my daughters gym class I feel asleep (I could not keep my eyes open)…not too bad I hear you say…well, each time i woke up my mouth was open! – Not Pretty! Then on the way home trying to explain to a three year old why I am laughing, and what embarrassed is!

  22. says

    Love that paint splatted dress! I need to get me some of that fabric – Girl Charlee, right? Well here goes – peeing my pants at a friend’s house for a sleepover. And I was way too old – but it happened because we were doing crafts and I was so interested I waited way too long, and then I had to wash all the glue off my hands before I could go, and then, with the warm water and all, it was too late. Then when I was in my undies waiting for my mom to bring be new clothes her big brother walking in on me. And then my mom brought me this outfit I had refused to wear that morning to school, because I didn’t like it – I thought it looked like a clown outfit. lol so mean. Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. says

    My brain must block embarassing moments. Recently, though, my 4- and 5-year-old were discussing out loud how fat the lady in front of us in line was … um, she was probably a size or two smaller than me!

  24. says

    such a cute dress! i’m pretty sure i’ve had a few embarrassing times of making the mistake of not holding my tongue about something and getting caught… probably are some others i’m blocking, haha! monkeyshinersbaby at yahoo

  25. says

    Yeah I’m good at blocking them out, but the one that jumps at me is when I was in this poetry memorization contest thing in gradeschool and traveled to another school for it. During my poem recitation, I had a complete brain blank out. Completely forgot every word, didn’t even know where to continue, ended up muttering “I’m sorry” and bolting out of the room in tears. Pretty traumatizing actually. Can I have a pretty dress pattern now please?

  26. says

    I lost 175 pounds three years ago. I was standing in the pew at church,during the first song. My hubs is on council so they meet briefly before church. He always comes in during the first song. I always pick a seat in the same area, but for some reason he walked up the isle, turned around and walked back down and then turned again and started up the isle. I reached out and topped him. He looked at me sort of funny and then laughed and said I was so skinny he kept missing me when he was looking. Everyone in the church laughed. Never thought I would be lost in a crowd.

  27. says

    Trying to impress my boyfriend (now, my husband) with my lame bikeriding skills and running my bike right into him and knocking him into the blackberry bushes.

  28. says

    The only thing I can think of was when my girls were small. I was holding my youngest on one of those dept. store merry go rounds and was going to walk around the entire thing {they aren’t very large} holding her – but totally tripped over the cover that held the electric cords that jutted out from the actual merry go round to the box that you point your coins in to activate it. Totally fell down, and was just extremely lucky that I didn’t take my daughter down with me. Another couple asked if I was okay etc… I was just mostly worried about my daughters. lol. Guess I don’t embarrass that easily. :)
    Love the dress! cokelush at gmail

  29. says

    When I was in high school I begged my older brother to let me drive his car up from the parking lot to the front door. I left the emergency brake on the entire time and his friends were screaming at me to stop but I did hear them.

  30. says

    I want this pattern! I honestly cannot think of my MOST embarrassing moment (I’m pretty sure I block them all after happening, because I can’t remember any) but I will share with you an embarrassing moment from today! I don’t know why but my bra was irritating the heck out of me. It was making me all itchy or something. So when I was with my kid at the park, we went to the bathroom and I took it off and stuffed it in my kid’s backpack (I was wearing a jacket so I figured no one could tell). Then I drove my daughter to my MIL’s house to watch her for the rest of the afternoon and completely forgot to take the bra out before dropping both my kid and the backpack off. I’m sure it was at the top of the backpack when she opened it. Yay! cheriemie at gmail dot com

  31. says

    Hmmm . . . Tripped walking off a curb (while on a date) years ago and actually broke my foot. For months, I had to explain over and over to people how I broke my foot while WALKING.

    hillary {at] red balloon pr (d0t) com

  32. says

    I was on a fifth grade class trip. My deodorant fell out of my bag and went rolling down the center isle of the bus. I think I was the only fifth grader that wore deodorant. One of the kids picked it up and said, “whose de..order..ant is this” in a mocking tone that only a preadolescent can make. Everyone laughed and talked about how stinky and gross the owner must be. Of course, I did not claim it and sat there praying that it could not be linked back to me. I’m sure I smelled embarrassing awful the rest of the week as well. But, no way I was claiming the roll on!

  33. says

    I fainted at work, in front of all my colleagues. I was standing up at the time and hit my head; the carpet was stained with my blood as a nice reminder for a couple of weeks. Yikes.

  34. says

    embarrassing moment? I have too many … I used to blush really bad when I was younger. One day the class decided to turn off the lights in the classroom to see if I lighted the room, even the teacher laughed – embarrassing!

  35. says

    I spent a ton of time and leather making little slippers for my nieces only for them not to fit at all when I gave them as gifts on christmas.. my nieces were easily distracted,but I still felt horrible.

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  36. says

    I can think of a few really embarassing moments. The most recent one was at the family locker room at the indoor pool. Just after the swimming lessons ended, so the room was chockers. as i was putting on my bra, one of my 5 year old girls said to me; Mummy, you stuff the boobies into the bra, so they don’t wobble all over the place, don’t you? i could tell, all the other mums had to try hard to keep a straight face, especially as a bra size A is too big for me :-). i am not even sure, why i want to reward that girl with a fun dress??
    Barbara (barbarawidmer at hotmail dot com)

  37. says

    One time leaving a farmer’s market, I forgot to put the stroller back in my trunk (left it behind my car) and then proceeded to back into it. Not only was I embarrassed in front of everyone there, but then had to recount the story to my husband and father when I had to ask them to fix it.
    kayla (dot) dishon (at) gmail (dot) com

  38. says

    Oh goodness. When my 13 year old was 3, we were at the public library, and she discovered the power of the word “Penis”. She decided to tell everyone LOUDLY the differences between boys and girls (which she recently learned) and she declared that she would draw a PENIS. And then said the word a few hundred more times.
    I wanted to crawl under the bench. I checked out as fast as I could, and then ushered my little announcer out of there!


  39. says

    Walking into a men’s bathroom that was being used by several guys. Turning and trying to get out so quickly that I nearly ran into another guy coming in the door.

    I’d rather talk about how cute the dresses are!

  40. says

    80’s flashback; at a boy-girl party in 7th grade. everyone was running around in the back yard, though the house, music playing, lots of craziness. i went to use the bathroom and just as i sat down – three boys opened the window (from the outside) and hopped right into the shower, unlocked the door, and kept running. its a wonder i didn’t die right there in that bathroom… man, if i didn’t love this pattern (and your blog), i would NEVER have relived that story!! ACK!!!

  41. says

    My most embarrassing moment would have to be in Junior High when I misunderstood an overheard conversation between teachers and reported to my entire class that OJ Simpson had just confessed! Turns out, it was just a joke and I didn’t hear the end of that one for awhile!

    emisue6 (at) yahoo (dot) com


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