Twill Tape Headbands with Imagine Gnats

More Twill Tape excitement today! Yesterday’s post was a carry-able, and today’s is a wearable. Rachael of Imagine Gnats is here to share twill tape headbands that can be made and worn by kids – a bit of elastic makes it nice and comfy. You’ll find crafting with kids ideas and lots and lots and lots more on her blog!


crafting with my kids is one of those things that always seems dreamy. i imagine that we’ll sit around the kitchen table with cups of milk and maybe some cookies, talk about how circle time was at school, and make something pretty. of course, in these daydreams, craft time never ends with crying (or time out). no one ties their thread in a million knots, refuses to finish, pouts through photographing the final product. and it’s exactly that way in real life, right?? ha, not at my house!

so here are my kid-crafting goals: quick, pain-free (as close to it as possible), and inexpensive.

these twill tape headbands are a quick, fun craft for the kiddos, and you won’t need a lot of supplies: just twill tape, a little fold-over elastic, needle and thread. kids love to make crafts that they can wear, and any skill level can make a fun project, so you can (with a little luck) involve all of the kids. i love that offers a huge selection, making it easy to find what i wanted without having to trudge out to shops, hoping to find the right thing.

twill tape headband 5

1. cut a 16″ length of twill tape. ( 1/2″ width twill tape used in this example)
2. decorate twill tape as desired. my five-year-old, Brenna, combined three colors of pretty aurifil thread in a running stitch to decorate the above headband she made for her older sister. alternatively, you can use fabric markers for younger kids, as shown below.

twill tape headband 7

3. cut a 5-6″ piece of 1″ fold-over elastic. pin the twill tape, overlapping with the elastic approximately 1″ on each side, as shown below.

twill tape headband 1

4. fold elastic to cover twill tape ends and pin in place to hold.

twill tape headband 2

5. stitch across width of elastic close to the end on both sides. i used a zigzag stitch on my machine, but you can also stitch by hand.
6. repeat same stitch 3/4″ in from end of elastic on both sides, making sure to catch the end of the twill tape in stitch to secure.

twill tape headband 3

twill tape headband 4

7. stitch again in the center of the elastic to keep it from unfolding.

twill tape headband 6 header

This post is sponsored by – each blogger was compensated and supplied with their choice of twill tapes. Opinions are their own!



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