Cutest Confetti Soap Tutorial

crafterhours confetti soaps

I love adorable soaps as gifts for friends big and small! This simple confetti soap is sweet and fun and so easy to put together. I love useful gifts – EEEEEVERYBODY washes their hands, right? It’s a worthwhile activity to encourage, so let’s do it! Glycerine is easy to source and melts easily, so it […]

Slipcover Your Dress Form: A Tutorial

crafterhours dress form slipcover skin adjustable

Years ago I bought a dress form. If you’re sewing for yourself, a dress form is essential. I mean, unless you like trying to apply and remove a garment from your body repeatedly and suffering pin injuries like a human voodoo doll. There are lots of ways to make one that fits you perfectly. I […]

Hairbrush Keeper – Free Pattern and Tutorial

crafterhours hairbrush keeper 1

Hi Living With Punks readers! I’m so glad to have joined this series with Susan because this Hairbrush Keeper has been on my to-share list for a while and I finally had a deadline to make me do it! If you’re just hearing about the Home Sewn series, click through below to see more of […]

A Knitted Twill Tape Tote by Elsie Marley

So as an update, so far this week in twill tape world we’ve had how-tos for a tote bag, kid-crafted headbands and an apron. Our last guest post this week comes from Elsie Marley. Meg also made a tote bag and is sharing her tutorial but these are about as different as they can be and still […]

Twill Tape Apron with A Happy Stitch

In Twill Tape World so far this week we’ve featured an accessory for carrying in hand and one for wearing on your head and now one for wearing on your body. Specifically, on your body while in the kitchen. Preferably, on your body while in the kitchen and making something that looks at least half […]

Twill Tape Headbands with Imagine Gnats

More Twill Tape excitement today! Yesterday’s post was a carry-able, and today’s is a wearable. Rachael of Imagine Gnats is here to share twill tape headbands that can be made and worn by kids – a bit of elastic makes it nice and comfy. You’ll find crafting with kids ideas and lots and lots and […]