Friday Fiver: Jennuine Design!


Today’s Friday Fiver is the LOL Swing Top from Jennuine Design! The LOL Swing Top is perfect for summer sewing with its light and airy silhouette and adorable back design.  You’re going to need one for all the girls in your life this summer.  And when I say “all”, I really mean ALL, because the… 

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Sewing Hashtags – What Are They? And Why Use Them?

Sewing Hashtags - where, why and how to use them!

HASHTAGS! You’ve probably heard them mentioned even if you don’t use them yourself. They’re used in “social media” – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other similar sites. Even if you’re not much of a social media user yourself, they’re often mentioned in traditional media as “what’s trending”. So I’m going to explain the why, where and… 

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