KCW: 5 & 10 Jacket


I got to try out the new 5 & 10 Jacket eBook, and KCW was the perfect excuse to use it!  I made this jacket last Thursday, but of course I’m just now getting around to photographing and blogging it.  We had a competition this weekend to see how many places we could go and… 

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Friday Fiver: LouBeeDoo!


Friday Fiver coming to you a little late because of technical difficulties, but I’ll make it worth your while because it’s the BIMAA!!  And not only the Bimaa, but the updated, new and improved and extended-sized Bimaa!!!  How happy did your Friday just get? Sarah from Loubeedoo crafted what is now one of the most… 

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Friday Fiver: Sew Pony!


If you sew for a little girl in your life and you’re planning on joining up with KCW next week, have we got a Friday Fiver for you!  It’s Debbie’s Birthday Dress from SewPony!   Debbie’s Birthday Dress is a sweet retro inspired little a-line dress with some cute seaming and embellishing options.  With such a simple… 

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Friday Fiver: Sew Caroline!


Your Friday is about to get 100% more amazing!  That’s a scientifically calculated fact.  And I don’t think I’m letting any cats out of bags if I go ahead and tell you that all of the Fridays in the foreseeable future are looking pretty stellar. Today you can get your hot little hands on the Out… 

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