Friday Fiver: ALIDA MAKES!

Happppppy Friday and almost-3-day-weekend for those of us in the U.S.! This Friday Fiver with Alida Makes will get you off to a great start.

This is the perfect time of year to brush up on your photography and photo styling! All that time you spend sewing for your kids or yourself – and then you go to photograph it and you think…. why doesn’t this look as great in photos as it does to me in real life? Why doesn’t it POP? Well, Style That Kid helps you examine what you’re doing now and how you can make a few simple adjustments to make your hard work shine as brightly as it could. What I love most about the book is that it’s simple – it’s not an exotic location, an expensive camera or a styling team that will improve your photos, it’s useful questions for you to consider as you set up your shots.

crafterhours friday fiver style that kid alida makes

The best way to illustrate how helpful the book is is to show you some fantastic before/after examples. While Alida does happen to be the authority on accessories, there is so much MORE to this book than choosing accessories. Look to this example of shots before and after reading the book by Sewing Mama RaeAnna! Simple and gorgeous. Nobody’s knee-deep in swamp water pretending to be happy here. This is about being comfortable and just a tiny bit of planning ahead.


In this example from Andrea’s Notebook, a few simple changes made a world of difference. No complicated posing. No artificial lighting or special equipment. Just thoughtful consideration of the points in the book.Style That Kid Andrea's Notebook

And in a third before/after, Alida shows how her own photography evolved over time to help create Style That Kid! As you read the book it’s filled with great examples like this one.


So, I recommended it on our blog already, but ESPECIALLY at the Friday Fiver price, I say GRAB IT UP. Code “FIVER” will adjust the price from $10 to $5 in your cart. You’ll find the post with all of the information about the book here, and the shop here to grab your copy!

As usual, this Friday Fiver is valid for 24 hours only beginning at 6 am Eastern on Friday, August 29 and ending at 6 am Eastern on Saturday, August 30th.

Cutest Confetti Soap Tutorial

I love adorable soaps as gifts for friends big and small! This simple confetti soap is sweet and fun and so easy to put together. I love useful gifts – EEEEEVERYBODY washes their hands, right? It’s a worthwhile activity to encourage, so let’s do it!

crafterhours confetti soaps

Glycerine is easy to source and melts easily, so it doesn’t need to be very hot. You could do this with a child who is old enough to follow directions while you work together.


Choosing what to add to your homemade soap is the most fun part.

To make your own, you’ll need:

  • Glycerine Soap
  • Tissue Paper
  • Scissors
  • Molds
  • Microwaveable Container

To get started, you’ll break bits off of the block of glycerine soap. The fact that it comes in a block makes it seem like you’d need tools to break it, but once you remove the plastic wrap you can break it pretty easily with your hands. Drop chunks of soap into a microwaveable container.


Choose the colors of tissue paper you’d like to include. Warm colors, cool colors, rainbow colors, holiday colors, sports team colors, school colors… you name it.DSC_0819

Cut tiny squares. When cutting, keep in mind that these bits will likely go down a sink’s drain. The smaller the better!


Microwave the soap for 30 seconds. Stir and microwave for another 30 seconds if required. The total time will vary based on quantity, but you don’t want to overheat it because it will bubble.


Pour a bit into your mold.


Drop your tiny confetti into the mold, then add another layer of soap. Stir it a bit with a toothpick or a skewer if you want to rearrange your confetti.


Allow it to cool for 20-60 minutes depending on the size of your soap, and pop it out of the mold.

crafterhours confetti soap tutorial

For gift-giving, wrap in cello bags and tie it up!

crafterhours confetti soap wrapped

This post has been modified from the original post on Crafts Unleashed. Some of the supplies were provided by Crafts Unleashed.

Super Saturday Giveaway – I Spy Bundle!

Saturday posts are infrequent for us, but there’s a super fun reason for today’s share! We’re one of many blogs participating in a Super Saturday Giveaway Day for The Daily Sew! Every hour all day long today there’s a new giveaway posting on the page. Here’s what we’re offering – a dreamy I Spy bundle!

crafterhours TDS Giveaway collage

One set of Alloy 5″ I Spy squares, one set of 5″ I Spy Alphabet labels and 1 yard of no-longer-available Pencils, Linen printed on Kona cotton by Spoonflower.  This open to everyone, including International entries! A total value of $62, void where prohibited by law. Hooray for Saturday fun!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


HAPPPPPY FRIIIIIDAY! We so appreciated all of the responses to last week’s post on our Friday Fiver series. We know WE love it, but it’s been fantastic to read YOUR thoughts on it in comments and in e-mails telling us what you love most. So we’re continuing to line up our favorite patterns and a few exciting extras to share! This week is a personal favorite – items that I see as *almost* a public service because of what they’ve done for my kids and all of the e-mails I’ve gotten from happy customers. It’s I-know-where-it-goes Drawer Stickers! (As seen in Parenting Magazine and on Apartment Therapy, to name two awesome features!)

crafterhours drawer stickers friday fiver I-know-where-it-goes

Whether you’re making, inheriting or buying clothes, keeping up with them is suuuuch a time suck. I really wanted to streamline the process at our house. Laundry is my nemesis. I-know-where-it-goes Drawer Stickers are a beautiful tool for all ages. Little ones learn where to look for things and become more self-sufficient with dressing. They see where to put things when it’s time to help put laundry away.


Just as cool – Grandma comes to visit and wants to help? Or Super Sitter has a night on the job? Or… Dad on duty? I’ve heard “I’M BUYING THESE FOR MY HUSBAND!” repeatedly. They’re useful for EVERYONE. They’re made of a sturdy vinyl that sticks as long as you want them in place but removes cleanly when you’re ready to refresh things. No peely paper or leftover residue. Worried your kids will peel them off? We’ve sold well over a thousand sets and I haven’t heard a report of that problem yet! They really stick!

crafterhours10 (1 of 1)

click image for Casa Crafty’s post!

Even though I’m the one who sets up bedrooms and chooses where to put things, even *I* enjoy the reminder of where things go. Less thinking, faster finish, quicker return to other things I’d rather be doing. I’m guessing I’ll hear an “Amen” or twelve here, but there’s a very loooong list of things I’d rather be doing.

I-know-where-it-goes drawer stickers for hanging shelves

click image for A Real Life Housewife’s post!

They come in a bajillion colors. I can’t say that certain colors won’t sell out, so get in there early! AND – SHIPPING IS INCLUDED! And yes, we’ll ship internationally and it’s just $2 for your whole sticker order. Easy peasy! They work on smooth surfaces like dresser drawers, plastic bins, closet shelves, hanging shelves and bookshelves– and I’m told they work on microfiber canvas cubes!

Use code “FIVER” for the discount. All of the colors and styles are included, and backroom technical details dictate that the price will be a cent or two under $5 per set. Find them here! As usual, just 24 hours to grab up the Fiver, from 6 am Eastern today to 6 am Eastern tomorrow morning!

7 AMAZING Sewing-Themed Cakes

crafterhours 7 amazing sewing themed cakes

There are two birthday seasons around our house and one of them starts on Monday! The baby turns 1 and 4 weeks later the oldest daughter and I each celebrate with back-to-back birthdays. I’ve decided that since there isn’t a lot of seasonal decoration excitement for August/September anyway, it’s birthday month. I’ll decorate for one and leave it all up until the 3rd birthday in the series wraps.

For the upcoming birthdays I’ve been doing a lot of inspiration cake digging and couldn’t resist putting these together in a post. Let’s be clear, *I’m* not making ANY of these. All DIYers have their preferences and my love for cake creation lasts about 5 minutes at a go. About the duration of my interest in running. But I could study them for weeks. They’re just so beautiful! What — sew-er/sewist/sewing lover/sewing fan/gosh all of those sound so nerdy, but you get me — wouldn’t LOVE one of these?

I’ve numbered them – click the links below to see more about each one!

crafterhours 7 most amazing sewing cakes

1. Cake Central  2. Occasions 3. Clare Thomas 4. Small Things Iced

5. Amy Atlas  6. Meg Davis  7. Cupcakes Take the Cake

If you have a favorite sewing-themed cake or treat I’d love to see it – link in the comments!