The Infinite Friday Fiver

Infinite A Line Friday Fiver

I’m a fan of just about everything that’s infinite. I’m fascinated by infinite time and space. Bottomless fries make me happy. Free refills are an obvious win. Even the little infinity symbol is irresistible. So – a dress pattern with endless options? Sign me up! The Infinite A-Line by Whisk ‘Em is up today as… 

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Friday Fiver: Under Where??

Friday Fiver Barrie Briefs for women and teens

It’s HOT, people. Like TOO HOT FOR CLOTHES. Since running around completely naked is generally frowned upon, you’re gonna need to wear something. But… maybe it can be something that FEELS like nothing because it’s SO comfy. And it might as well be something cute. And something you made yourself. How about cute new undies?… 

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How to Make a Striped Stamped Tank

Make a Striped Stamped Tank

Have some plain tees that need some excitement? I had a tank I’d picked up inexpensively and was ready to dress up – and the folks who make Fabric Creations™ stamps and soft fabric ink sent a bunch of stamps and ink for me to try! I used them to make a striped stamped tank and… 

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The Biscayne Blouse


The Biscayne Blouse is here!  It’s a summery, breezy, versatile top featuring a hidden button placket, welt pocket, and shaped neckband.  The inside is as beautifully finished as the outside, so you’ll have a garment that will last for years.  Read all about the Biscayne Blouse and purchase it while it’s on sale for the… 

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