VOTE for A-Line Skirts!

Welcome to the first round of Skirt Week voting! If you’re new to Skirt Week, here’s the story.

We’ve invited sewists to sew skirts and contribute photos of their work via the flickr pools you’ll find either in our right-hand sidebar or in the Skirt Week announcement post. From those pools which closed to new entries on June 8, we asked amazing bloggers to score the skirts based on wearability, craftsmanship, overall appeal and fit. Based on those scores, we are now presenting the Top 10 for each category each day this week, beginning with A-Line skirts!

Have a good, long look at the skirts that rose to the top:

From L to R, top to bottom, they are: 

Once you’ve considered the merits and virtues of these entries, it’s time to vote! Please, just one vote per person per day. If you’re confident in your choice of the winner, use tag #skirtweek to announce your all-knowingness and invite your friends to vote, too. 

Congratulations to the finalists! Grab your button!


  1. says

    I almost wish I could vote for 3 – love the applique work on the red skirt, the brown is so not my style, but not only does it have great lines & craftmanship, but it also works so well for the model’s figure, and the nautical skirt just pops…

    • says

      That nautical skirt just makes me want to go out and buy a navy/white stripe print! Nautical is the thing right now, too, so great job on style.

      All of these skirts are beautiful. Great job ladies!

  2. Anonymous says

    The chambray high waisted skirt could be for casual wear with a tank top, or dressed up with a feminine shirt or blouse. It`s a classic look that could be worn with most any color…so very versatile. I would definitely buy it!

  3. Joan says

    The nautical skirt looks terrific on her (or anyone else with a skinny body), but it would be very unflattering on girls who are a little hippy or wide in the posterior (like me, one who loves pasta!)

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