Announcing: Skirt Week 2012!

It’s tiiiiiiiiiiiiime! We’re rolling! The pools are open and you have between now and midnight EST on June 8 to get your skirt entered!

Wait, what are we talking about? If you weren’t reading last year, it’s time for SKIRT WEEK! This year that means that on May 21 we’ll start a two-week-long parade of beautiful and inspiring tutorials and guest posts. We have some serious awesomeness lined up. Then we have a week dedicated to telling you about the awesome sponsors who’ve happily jumped on board to celebrate and the prizes they’re contributing. And the last week, THE Skirt Week, will include voting for each of the categories. There will be two winners for each category– one chosen by voters and one chosen by a panel of fabulous crafty-blog judges. Eight winners! (If you were following the timeline, you’ll see that Skirt Week is more like Skirt Month. But we like calling it Skirt Week, so we’re sticking with that.)

So, what are we asking our judges to look for when they choose top skirts?

Wearability, craftsmanship, overall appeal and fit. If those sound subjective… it’s because they are. Here’s the thing. This isn’t scientific. It’s fashion. There’s nothing perfect about it. Above all else, make a skirt YOU love! And if you’re ready to share it and throw your hat in the ring, we’d love for you to join us. Is it possible that a super fantastic skirt isn’t recognized in the process? Yes, it is. We’re all participating for fun. Last year there was a little feedback that someone wasn’t included where they should have been. We aim to do a fabulous job, but we admit, from the get-go, no contest is perfect. Life isn’t perfect. But let’s have fun anyway, shall we?

So, here’s the nitty gritty. Also known as THE RULES.


  • Enter NOW! Get your skirt in there by 11:59 PM Eastern on June 8, 2012.


  • A skirt you made for yourself or a child. As many as 3 per category
  • One beautiful photo submitted per skirt entry. We reserve the right to remove additional photos from the pool
  • Skirts made since July 1, 2011


  • In the Flickr Pools. Choose the category you feel is most appropriate. Some skirts are kinda full and kinda a-line. Pick the best fit. Likewise with an older child. You might decide it’d fit better in the adult categories. Up to you.


  • Unless it’s a children’s skirt, photo should be of the skirt on your body. (Borrow a neighbor! Use the timer!)
  • If it IS a children’s skirt, we’d love to see it on the kid. But we’ll still accept it if it’s not. Kids don’t like to be still and 3 month olds don’t stand up, we get it
  • Photo should show the skirt well and be cropped square
  • Photo description should include your name and a description of the skirt, pattern and fabric information as well as a link to your blog, if you like
  • Photo must be a single photo (no collages) of a single skirt
  • Majority of the effort in your skirt(s) must have been made by you, i.e. using thrifted or upcycled fabric is fine as long as you’re cutting it apart to start with just fabric
  • You are welcome to use any pattern, tutorial, or even knock-off a favorite skirt from a store.  Just give credit where it’s due
General disclaimer: We aim to be fair, and as such, will adjust the rules if needed to best support the spirit of the competition.

Whew! Rules. Glad that part’s done. Are you ready to get going? You’ll find the pools here:


If you’d like to read all about last year’s skirt week, you’ll find it here.

If you’d like to see our Pinterest Skirt Tutorials board to get your creative juices flowing, click here. And if you’d like to suggest pins, tweet ’em to us @crafterhours or e-mail your link(s).

If you’d like to cheer folks on, please do! Who doesn’t love a compliment? Comment in the Flickr pools, pin ’em, repin ’em, tweet their links, whatever floats your boat! We’ll be watching out for #skirtweek. We’ll also be pinning the entries on individual boards for each category.

Would you like to add buttons to your blog? That’d be lovely.

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Ready to roll? Can’t wait to see what amazingness you create this year! START. YOUR. SEWING! (Oh! Any questions? )


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      Sadly, no. Please choose one that’s great and then feel free to include a link in your description that ‘ll bring people back to your (really, really fun and beautiful and I love the Belle-inspired dress and no I’d not thought about it but yes she is the nerdiest of the princesses!) blog for more photos and information. :) Susan

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    I think this would be a great way for me to make something for myself AND get my new blog introduced! Thanks for the motivation! I can’t wait to get my skirt-making on!!

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    oh dear! here it is the 7th and I just found you! Maybe I can whip up a skirt tonight- or at least get a pic of the ones I made earlier….


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